Litter: It Bugs Me [Guest Post]

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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we continue with the Resolution Revolution Blog Series with a post by Hayley Margaret who shares with us the triumphs and debacles of sewing and crafting over on her always humorous blog A Stitch to Scratch. Today she shares with us what she would change about the world around us if only given the chance. So read on and don’t forget to leave feedback for our guest blogger!


Litter: It Bugs Me

Post by: Hayley Margaret

Imagine for a second, lovely readers, that you are taking a peaceful stroll in the park. There’s a light frost on the ground and the sky is bright and cold and blue. Then you step in a box of leftover fried chicken and get somebodies half-eaten drunken food binge all up on your new Christmas boots.

Ruined right?

Now imagine you’ve moved out of home into your first flat with a partner and your living-room windows are underground, protected by a grate. You love your new flat. You love it until some idiot throws their still-smoking cigarette down your window-grate and your entire apartment smells like smoke for the rest of the day. You love it until you look out of the window and come eye-level with the evidence of the world’s slovenly, disgusting bad habit. (For real, this is my life.)

Littering. My contribution to the Resolution Revolution is: could everyone please stop bloody littering!

I hate it. It makes me want to have one of those immature tantrums where foot-stomping is involved. Stop it. Littering is lazy and inconsiderate. It makes places – and often the places that you live, these places that you’re supposed to be proud of – look grimy and uncared for and all-out disgusting. It’s so selfish and yet we all suffer for it. Our environments, not to mention being gross, are crumpling under the lava flow of litter. Usually bad habits (I’m looking at you, nose-pickers and yawners-without-hands) are kept for your own personal, private space. So why are we all openly subjected to this one?

It’s not that hard, people. There are bins everywhere. Save your coke bottle/crisp packet/chewing gum another five measly minutes until you happen upon one. Don’t dump it outside someone’s house, or in a public area, or where children play or throw it out of your car window you moron.

Okay, rant over. Carry on everyone!


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13 thoughts on “Litter: It Bugs Me [Guest Post]

  1. I was in a restaurant recently in which the restroom had a sign on the door for advertising. Normally I would find that annoying, except that this time 1/4 of that sign was used for an ad stating “Cigarette butts are litter. DO NOT throw them on the ground!” That’s always been one of my pet peeves, so I was thrilled to see it!

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  2. Ugggh! Litter is disgusting. I am always so annoyed with litter. Most especially in nature…actually that one passes me off to no end. Sometimes we even pick up other people’s nasty littering. That annoys me, too. But I’d rather do it than not. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on A Stitch to Scratch and commented:
    A reblog today! This week I had my first guest-posting experience over on Never Trust a Jellyfish thanks to Sally’s excellent Resolution Revolution blog series. Go check out the posts she’s featured; some excellent resolutions we should all consider!


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