Sunday Through a Window

A rainy morning..
… Turned into a foggy afternoon right out of a Stephen King story.
Beware the creatures that hide within the mist..
All plans for going out were definitely off the menu due to icy roads and foggy weather but a perfect time to enjoy a good book..
… that you've been meaning to read ever since you got it 2 weeks ago.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!



9 thoughts on “Sunday Through a Window

    1. I’ve never done a book review so I wouldn’t know where to begin but I really want to give it a shot! With Lilly going off to wreck the house anytime she sees me with a book though I think it might take me a bit longer than it used to to actually finish the book >.<

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      1. Ah, sounds like normal motherhood to me lol. I may not write the best book reviews, but I mostly just talk about the book or my opinion on the books I do review.

        Don’t fret on the timeframe, just take care of you and embrace your domesticity 😉

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