On Choices, Sacrifices and Home Sickness


Living far away from family and friends means many different things, the least of which is home sickness. When I moved to the U.S., I anticipated the homesickness, what I didn't realize was how much is involved in that home sickness. Yes you miss your loved ones on a daily basis, but what you don't realize is the number of birthdays, anniversaries, births, weddings and events you're going to miss and just how depressing that can get. Me, I've missed about 2 major weddings, an engagement and 3 birthdays just in this past month alone. Combine that with the holiday season and it makes for one depressed Jellyfish. After all, there's only so many weddings you can attend at 8am over a bad FaceTime connection before you seriously consider throwing your tablet out the window.

Did you ever read one of those 'choose your own adventure' books as a kid? Well they are definitely a very accurate representation of life: life is full of choices and each choice you make means there's a path you have to leave unexplored. In the end all you can hope is that you make the right choices and don't end up in a shark pit by page 23.

Choose your own adventure
Or become a shark apparently..

So yes, for every choice you make, it means something else has been sacrificed. You make many sacrifices for a better life, and living far away from your loved ones is definitely one of those sacrifices. All you can hope for is that it's all worth it in the end. Here's to hoping a trip home is in my near future!




9 thoughts on “On Choices, Sacrifices and Home Sickness

  1. My dear, I can relate to the dot. Feeling it all with you deeply and depresssed-ly. I could write a sizable novel about both the homesickness, the missed birthdays, the holidays that I have already started to forget when they are celebrated, and the choices. Choices and their consequences. May you take a wonderful trip home this year!

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  2. Sorry to hear you’re down. There’s nothing quite like the empty feeling of homesickness. For me, it’s the little things – the Sunday dinners, or the spontaneous BBQ’s on a sunny afternoon you know you’re missing. In my experience the depression and longing waxes and wanes. It’s peaks and valleys, my friend. I hope you weather this storm, and today finds you feeling better. xo


    1. Thank you and you’re so right about how it waxes and wanes. Some days are worse than others but you power through it and come out the other end. I might be heading home for a visit next month so fingers crossed! Depends on my husbands work..

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