Too Much?

There comes a time in the life of a parent (usually when they are cleaning up the living room for the 17th time in the day and running out of places to hide the growing clutter) that they realize that their munchkin just might have too many toys.

I need to really get that toy box I've been meaning to get ever since Lilly's birthday.

Is it very obvious that she's my first and (for now) only child?



10 thoughts on “Too Much?

  1. How do such little people gather soooo many belongings. I just cleaned out an entire box full of toys and I still have no room to fit my sons toys in the toy boxes. I use storage tubs for my boys toys they are really good. You can get them from a couple of different places they are usually used for ice, drinks etc but make great toy tubs and you can get them in so many different colours. They are actually better than toy boxes, all the toy boxes I see are always too small. Ill try and find a picture for you.


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