25 Minutes isn’t Too Much to Ask For, Right?

Starting a fitness challenge to finally lose the baby weight before a big wedding is simple enough in theory. You choose a fitness program, pull out those workout clothes that have been collecting dust under a pile of baby clothes for months and simply start working out for x amount of time each day. Easy, right? I mean who doesn't have 25 mins to spare for exercise each day?

Me, that's who.


Yes, in theory I can easily take 25 mins out each day to do the T-25 workouts I put so much effort into acquiring, it's just a few minutes after all. In reality though? Well let's just say it's not that easy to find the motivation required to spend the handful of relaxing minutes you have in a day voluntarily jumping up and down for the sake of a smaller butt.

Why kill yourself with exercise, the devil on your shoulder tells you, when you can use the baby's nap time to blog, watch that episode of Castle you have on DVR or catch up on chores? Why not start this fitness program next Monday?


Ah yes, the siren call of that elusive Magical Monday when I finally start getting into shape. So far this rare creature has managed to elude me for 6 straight months but who knows, maybe the next Monday will be 'the one'.


This time, I have a better plan: don't wait around for another Monday only to be tempted to break your diet when the hubby inevitably orders pizza. Instead, start your diet/exercise regimen on a Wednesday so that by the time Monday shows up, you've already found your stride.

I know, I know, I'm a genius.

Now if I could only figure out how to get Lilly to stop trying to catch hold of and untie my laces while I'm attempting to do jumping jacks, I just might make it through 25 mins without breaking a leg trying to avoid jumping on the baby's fingers.

The things I do for those skinny jeans.



16 thoughts on “25 Minutes isn’t Too Much to Ask For, Right?

  1. My excuse this week is that it’s too cold out to walk (my usual exercise) and there are too many people in the house for me to work out indoors. With any luck (?) today is our last day of house guests and I can get down to actually doing something physical other than carrying groceries into the house.


  2. At least you’re trying. I’ve done nothing to get on shape, minus the month or two I started at the gym before life got in the way of making time to go.

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    1. Life always gets in the way. I don’t have high hopes of myself sticking to this challenge either but I’m going to try to do so.. The problem is that if I skip one day I end up skipping another till I stop altogether 😓

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      1. Yep. Same with me. Ah, the life of a mom and wife. When I was single I loved working out. Once I had to slow a bit because I thought I was getting too buff. I’ve worked out alone, with friends, with boyfriends. Now…well, now I work out getting enough sleep and food and water in my body. Some days successfully, others not so much lol 🙂

        Good luck at sticking with it at least mostly!

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  3. Yes, im really making an effort to do yoga every morning. It’s tough getting up while everyone is still sleeping and creeping around so i dont wake up tge kid. Its worked for tge past two days so far, but I have had a few workouts interrupted in the past…


  4. There are just so many other things to do with 25 minutes. 🙂 I did manage to get in my 25 Monday and Tuesday this week but it was tough to concentrate when my 13 year old not-baby-anymore sat on the couch with his breakfast and watched me struggle with the stretches. Next time I’m making him join me!


  5. It sounds lame and trite but I’m going to say it anyway… Keep it up and it’ll be a habit you won’t’ even have to think about. Then you can be like me who is upset because I got a terrible virus just before christmas and hasn’t worked out for close to THREE WEEKS because of the terrible horrible hideous coughing. Terrible. And while this goes without saying over the holidays is a bad time to be too sick to workout but not too sick to eat. 😦


    1. It’s true though: do it till it becomes a habit is the only way to work out consistently 😦 I hope you feel better now! Holidays are definitely the worst time to give up working out 😝


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