The Absent Minded Tea Lover

I’ve always been a little scatterbrained from the get go but ever since Lilly was born I’ve become even more of a did-I-lock-the-door-this-morning kind of person than before. I am also completely and irrevocably addicted to tea. So yes, this is me to a T.

Any other tea loving scatterbrains out there?

Image courtesy of 9GAG.


17 thoughts on “The Absent Minded Tea Lover

      1. I agree. I’ve never had coffee myself. I don’t understand the appeal. Hun drinks it and I’ve accidentally licked his spoon, it’s not good, to me.

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  1. I love tea. I am god damn tea lover. So much so that I can have a warm cup (don’t mind even if it gets cold) with a tea bag floating inside it any given day..any given time..Guess, it’s the need for the tea bag more than the cup..

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