The Resolution Revolution


Ah yes, the holidays. The season to be jolly and all that, but also the season to consistently overeat, feel like a bloated chicken, despair when you can't fit into those skinny jeans you love so much and end up vowing to start that diet as soon as the holidays are over. Better yet, let's put 'getting into shape' on our New Years wish list along with learning a new language, blogging more consistently, being more patient and really really trying hard not to swear like a sailor when you inevitably burn your hand on the waffle maker.

Does any of that sound familiar? Do you have such a wish list with one or all of the above on it? Well than congratulations dear reader because you have officially started making your New Years resolutions. Good luck!

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with making New Years resolutions, it's actually quite nice to have solid goals to work towards and keep yourself positive. As long as those resolutions are realistic that is.


Me, I always end up expecting too much from myself. New Years resolutions therefore have a tendency to really put a dent in my optimism about the new year when I inevitably abandon all or most of those resolutions midway through February. So this year, I say lets look at the other side of that coin. So I asked my fellow bloggers that if you could change one thing about the people/world around you this year, what would it be? What really grinds your gears? What annoys you? What would YOU change?

Welcome to the Resolution Revolution Blog Series dear readers. Coming soon to a computer screen near you and guest starring several of your favorite bloggers! Stay tuned 🙂

Blog series






4 thoughts on “The Resolution Revolution

    1. Lol! Good idea :p I didn’t have the will power to start before and now I have a major wedding coming up for which I want to lose a little weight! So now I’m starting exercise but don’t want to call it a New Year Resolution! Lol

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