The Great iPad Battles

It's finally happened, the day you've been dreading ever since your baby started becoming her own little person. Not that you're surprised, you knew this day was coming. You've seen other harassed moms dealing with this exact same phenomena before. It's just that you thought you had more time is all.

Yes, your adorable little tantrum throwing munchkin has discovered the iPad/iPhone and this house is definitely not big enough for two Apple addicts.


Which of course means that if you want to use any of your tech gadgets, you need to either wait till the toddler is asleep or barricade yourself in the bathroom and hope she doesn't find you.

We all have our weaknesses :p

Well, says your well meaning but frustrating friend, why don't you just tell her 'no' and be firm with her? Toddler discipline is very important after all.

Such 'friends' obviously don't have toddlers of their own is all you can say.

So yes, you can say goodbye to checking Facebook and Twitter or blogging in peace. Not unless you're willing to put up with an epic tantrum including, but not limited to, screaming, crying and general unpleasantness.

Sigh. Where'd my cute little gurgling baby go? How did she transform into this busy little toddler who has suddenly discovered the power of a well placed tantrum?

Oh well, on the plus side, you can now blame your toddler for all those missed calls, texts and emails you haven't gotten round to responding to because 'the baby deleted the text' is definitely less likely to piss people off than simply saying that you forgot.




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