Who Are These People?

I don’t like to write about my faith, not because I’m afraid of saying that I am Muslim, but because this blog is simply not the platform for that discussion. Today though, I will talk about my faith.


Because the only so-called Muslims who seem to talk about their ‘faith’ are the ones who aren’t even Muslim. Who are these people? Who are these depraved individuals who think that God would condone or reward the killing of innocent people? Of innocent children?

We had barely digested the horror of the Sydney siege and today we have another horror to wrap our mind around. Today we woke to the news that while we slept, something horrible took place on the other side of the world in Pakistan. Taliban militants attacked a school in the northern city of Peshawar, killing 132 children.

Image courtesy of IB Times

132 innocent children dead as they sat in their school.

132 children who will not go home today.

132 children who will never grow up, laugh, cry, marry, have children, grow old.

132 families destroyed forever.

132 little voices that will never be heard in their homes again.

Where’s the logic in such an attack? How can you do something even the devil would be ashamed of and pretend it’s in the name of God? I do not know which God you believe in but the God of Mohammad, the God of Jesus, the God of Moses, He would condemn the perpetrators of such a heinous crime to the deepest pits of Hell.

Do you even know what Islam means?? Islam means ‘peace’. It is the religion of peace damn it! Islam does not condone violence! Killing anyone who is not actively attacking you on a battlefield is a sin! Killing children does not get you into heaven you depraved assholes! You don’t even need to believe in God to know that killing innocent children is just wrong!

I am not a violent person, the sight of blood generally makes me swoon, but the animals who attack and kill defenseless children should be lined up and shot in the head. Let them go to the Hell they think they are exempt from. Let them burn in the Hellfire that they have earned with their deeds.






22 thoughts on “Who Are These People?

  1. Thank you for writing about this. When I heard this news on NPR this morning, I was stricken by the fact that the headline was read, and then the reporter just went on to the next thing. Because I know NPR I’m sure there will be detailed follow up…but it made me sick to think how very few people here in the US will a) even hear this news and b) process what it actually means. Because it’s so far away and the people there “aren’t like us” I think the horror of what has happened will be simply ignored. When in reality, a community of people has just had their world irrevocably destroyed. All those families have just experienced the worst life can bring. And the mothers…I’m tearing up just thinking of them.

    I think what it comes down to is the concept of empathy. If you can imagine what it would be like to be another person; if you can look at another human and think, “in all important aspects, you are exactly like me,” how can you possibly hurt them or not want to do anything you can to help them? I believe that lack of empathy is the root of all evil.

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    1. Thank you for commenting on this piece today. The horror of what happened in Pakistan can never be conveyed in mere words but by writing about and sharing our grief and shock, we can at least try to get the story heard so that those kids are not forgotten as another headline. It’s scary how horrible the world has become…


      1. Yes, yes, yes! And if you ask me, our country essentially allows the justification of said actions >:o

        I hurt for those children and their families 😥

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    1. Thank you for reading. I almost didn’t post this because this is technically a humor blog and it’s not fair to foist something like this on my readers, but in the end I couldn’t not write what I felt.


      1. its a good thing you did..humor would seem out of place won’t it..in a time like this..I’m glad you wrote this, coz I don’t have the skills to put it down so perfectly as you have done..

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  2. Agree with each and every word…just one thing though..I don’t think even hanging a hundred times will compensate for what these monsters have done..it just makes ashamed to say that I’m a human being and have similar DNA as them..

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  3. I’m so glad you decided to use this platform to say what you said, humor blog or not. Sometimes it’s good to make people laugh, other times it’s good to make people think. It’s a horrible tragedy. Perhaps it’s too much to hope that by sharing this pain worldwide, we can come out more united in the end.

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  4. I’m so glad you posted this. We need to hear about these events. We need to hurt for these children and their families. We need to be angry. Even though we’re so far away, I have to believe that every tiny voice will have some kind of an impact.

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  5. Thank you for talking about your faith. That is why the “norm” goes unheard and all we hear is the extreme.

    I don’t think you need to change your platform, but I wish there was a way to make “norm” louder.

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