Why I May or May Not Have Screamed Today


Today I may have scared the neighbors with the shrill scream that may or may not have come from my apartment.

Allow me to explain.

Lilly is a year old now and seems to be growing a little each day, surprising us with all these new things that she can do now. It seems like only a few days ago that she could barely roll over without help and now she’s

running around the place with a dish towel in one hand and mommy’s very expensive iPhone in the other. Putting things in drawers to keep them out of her reach? Forget about it, no drawer is safe from her inquisitive little fingers. Put stuff on high tables to keep it safe? Nope, doesn’t really help when she can basically reach any tabletop in the house.

Which brings me to today.

See, I keep forgetting how tall Lilly is getting now and often misjudge how high she can reach. Which is why I was caught by surprise and therefore might have over reacted just a tad when I saw my baby girl gleefully running towards me with a very breakable glass in her hand.

How did I deal with this emergency situation you ask? Was I composed and efficient, springing into action without scaring the baby?

This looks like a job for Super Mom!
This looks like a job for Super Mom!

Um.. Suuure, let’s go with that version of events. I mean only a crazy person would give out a shrill scream while simultaneously diving across the room like a goalie on steroids, banging your knee and effectively scaring the baby but managing to keep her safe from the inevitable broken glass if she had dropped what was in her hand.

What can I say, apparently keeping a baby safe from her own inquisitiveness is harder than it appears. Now excuse me while I go nail all the dishes to the dinner table.




23 thoughts on “Why I May or May Not Have Screamed Today

  1. What a great description. I would’ve done the same thing. And I have on many occasions. For instance the time all three of my boys climbed on top of the chicken house roof by stacking concrete bricks ages 6, 5 & 2

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  2. O-M-G I get it!! I know how ‘composed and efficient’ I’ve been the entire time I’ve been a mother. I think we both can win awards for being the most composed parents. I sometimes wonder if the cops will get called on me for yelling, screaming, or cursing. 🙂

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