A (Mostly Decent) Proposal

It's that time of year again people. Time to bring our A game. You know what I'm talking about right? The enthusiasm, the energy, the willful denial and turning of a blind eye on our own powers of procrastination.

I'm a master procrastinator myself

Yup, I'm talking about that time of year when everyone starts making their New Years Resolutions. Some of us make the conscious choice to make the ultimate to-do list for the coming year while others just sort of drift into it without any conscious decision but either way, we all get bit by the resolution bug sooner or later.

This year though, I'm going to ask you, dear readers, to share your resolutions with your friendly neighborhood Jellyfish, but with a twist of course. Instead of trying to (or wanting to) change yourself, let's look at the other side of the coin: if you could change one thing about the people/world around you, what would it be? What really grinds your gears? What annoys you? What would YOU change?

If you're interested in guest posting and being part of this little blog series, please contact me here or simply leave a comment below! The rules are simple:

— Write a 300-500 word post about your very own inverted resolution,

— Submit it via email (bunglinghousewife@gmail.com) along with any images you want used,

— And that's all!

You'll be informed beforehand about when exactly your post will go live and of course it will be linked back to your blog. This blog series will premiere in the first week of January and will continue every Friday for January and Febraury (depending on how many of you are interested in taking part!)

So yes dear readers, please let me know if you're interesting in taking part in this blog series so I can get an idea of how many submissions we'll have! Looking forward to hearing from you all 🙂





16 thoughts on “A (Mostly Decent) Proposal

  1. Count me in! I hate those resolutions cuz I hardly ever get any of it resolved. Most upsetting? my resolutions – the core ones – are the same year after year. Oh, Look, I think I just came up with an idea of the post on What’s Grinds My Gears 😉

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  2. What a great topic/idea! I just may need to participate. Let me get thinking on what to write about.

    I don’t really make personal resolutions, instead mostly just plugging along, though I have found that having my own family I do like setting some goals.

    I wonder what I’ll come up with on the reverse.


      1. I’ve a past in the works already – yay!

        Funny how that always happens to me. I’m not sure about one thing and suddenly the words are there. Good thing, Baby Boy is napping and I can work and think peacefully! 🙂

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