The Theory and Practice of Pinterest

Pinterest moms

Dear Ambitious Me,

Pinning everything you find interesting does not make you productive. Actually putting in the effort to start a project, any project really, is what makes one productive.

Don’t look at me like that, I’m not the one who thought I needed more things on my plate, you’re the one who seems to like to torture yourself with an unrealistic number of ‘projects’. I mean sure, it sounds all nice and dandy to sew your own iPad covers or craft your own picture frames, but theory and practice are two very different things.

Also, and I mean this in the best possible way, but crafter of the year you are not. How about you stop beating yourself up over never starting the zillion projects you have pinned and instead maybe just stop using Pinterest? Or if not that then just leave the crafting to the experts and stick to what you do best: stressing over your to-do list before giving up and writing a blog post about it instead.


Practical Me



12 thoughts on “The Theory and Practice of Pinterest

  1. I don’t do much crafting. I don’t enjoy it enough to use up the little bit of leisure time I get making things that will probably look pretty crummy when I’m done.


  2. I am with you Practical Me!!

    We just have to keep reminding ourselves we are normal and pictures sometimes lie!

    Pinterest is just another form of porn… it makes one’s expectations too high and one’s contentment too low (I’m working on my “I Gave Up Porn” post next week)

    Here’s to a regular, loving Thanksgiving with family, turkey, football and a ton of dirty dishes!!


  3. I like to think of my pinterest less of things I should do, but an option for someday when I find that magical combo of free time & motivation. The problem is that when that does happen the only pins I choice are terribly delicious but not good for you desserts – Thanks Pinterest!


  4. My Pinterest board are my ideal self. Unfortunately, I will never do/make/buy/build half of them. I’ve come to terms with that. I like to keep them all hoarded there on the offchance that I ever get a chance to start a project, then I have so many to choose from!


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