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When did I become a Mommy Blogger? Am I a Mommy Blogger? Ok let's see: Am I a mom? Yes. Am I a blogger? Yes. Do I sometimes blog about being a mom? Yes.

Oh my God, I'm a Mommy Blogger.

Not that there's anything wrong with being a Mommy Blogger of course. I love to write and you should always write what you know and when 99% of your day revolves around your adorable munchkin, well then there's very little time left over to 'know' anything else quite as well. Motherhood is one of the best things to happen to me and if I can share even a fraction of that online, I'm happy with that. Not to mention the cathartic benefits of humor when dealing with the frustrations of motherhood. Laughter really is the best medicine after all.

Overwhelmed mom
Brighter side of a bad day? There's a blog post in here somewhere

No, what bothers me about the label of 'Mommy Blogger' are the assumptions that come with it. When anyone in my offline life finds out I have a blog, they immediately ask 'oh you're a Mommy Blogger?' With that oh-that's-so-adorable-but-not-a-serious-pastime emphasis on the term 'Mommy Blogger'. Writing a blog is something young girls or angsty teenagers do, they seem to be implying, it's not for serious adults.

Apparently, stereotyping women isn't enough for our society, they have to poison our happiness further by belittling everything that we do by adding (usually negative) labels. So take your pick ladies, are you a working mom (such a bad mother!) or a Mommy Blogger (more interested in the laptop than the baby!) or perfect housewife (so inane) or a bad housewife (desperate housewives anyone?) or maybe unmarried (oh my God we must save this poor spinster!)? Or maybe you're married but don't have kids yet (why don't you have babies? Don't you want babies? Do you hate babies?!) or perhaps you're a 'gamer girl' (not to be confused with 'gamer' which is the real thing. Girl gamers are just wannabes, 'pretending', sluts or 'ugly'). Maybe you're really into cars or technology or any of a million things only guys are allowed to be interested in, in which case you are probably just trying to impress a guy, trying to snag a guy or (again) just 'fat and ugly'.

Shhh, don't tell anyone but there's no such thing as the perfect woman


Why oh why do people need to poison your happiness with their condescending ways of dealing with the female of the species? Why is the term 'spinster' interchangeable with 'old, repressed and nobody-wants-her' while the term bachelor brings up images of debonair, handsome men that need to be 'snatched up' or 'won' by a bevy of desperate females? Why is being called a Feminist the same as being called a b*tch?

More importantly, why do I care? Why does it get under my skin when I know their labels can't define me?

Maybe because I'm human and no matter how much I may say it doesn't bother me, no matter how much I want it to not bother me, it DOES bother me.


Sometimes, it sucks to be a woman in this society.






15 thoughts on “The Mommy Blogger

  1. Ugh! I hate the “mommy blogger” label as well but at the same time I’m always at a loss of how to explain my blog when people ask. So I babble some sort of nonsense about pictures, stories of my day, book reviews, ect. and I get, “Oh, so you’re like a mommy blogger then?” I need to get better at PR I think! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on The Controlled Kaleidoscope and commented:

    Being a “Mommy Blogger” myself, I can attest to the fact that it is NOT a bad thing! You can be a Mom and a Blogger but that does not mean your choice of topic and/or focus is limited. It just means that those two ASPECTS of yourself are true, even if people like to insinuate it is a bad thing–it’s NOT! I am a very proud Wife, Parent (Mommy), Baha’i, College Student, Employee, and more. Those are only ASPECTS of who I am. They are not definitions of me.

    I also happen to live in the Deep South (Mississippi) and am of the “Millennial” generation but that does not mean I am racist and walk around in overalls, and/or totally self-centered. Those are stereotypes; just like the stereotype of “Mommy Bloggers.”

    Yes, stereotypes are around for a reason–usually from a group of people who were just like particular description and word spread like wild fire. You do NOT have to LIVE the stereotype.

    Don’t be a stereotype; don’t be a statistic, UNLESS that really is who you are. Be you. Be the BEST of you. That is all anyone has the right to ask of you.

    There is nothing wrong with being a Mommy Blogger who blogs solely about parenthood and children’s education. I love those people! When I am trying to find stuff to do with my own four year old son, I scour the internet for those blogs and Pinterest boards for ideas. They are live savers. I also love the Dad who writes letters to his children–good and bad–that is SO relatable. It makes me feel not alone as a Parent. It can be difficult to find friends when you’re a parent.

    Never be ashamed of who you are, even if that means you are the stereotype. If that is you, be you.


  3. I’ve written a little on this very topic! Do you mind me linking the post? (Interestingly, one blogger I admire recently explained why she favors the term “mommy” over “mother.” Her points made so much sense, though I still cringe whenever anyone not my own child calls me “mommy.”)


    1. Link away! It’s always good to read different bloggers opinion on the same topic 🙂 And yes, I cringe at being referred to as mommy by anyone other than my own baby as well >.< To each her own I guess!


  4. This is great. You articulated very nicely what I think a lot of people feel, myself included. Screw ’em, I guess. Anyone who takes the 2 minutes it takes to read anything we write will see it’s SO MUCH MORE than a “mommy blog.”


    1. My point exactly! I hate when others try to redefine your identity like they have a right to do that 😦 We are all mommy bloggers, but too many of us disassociate ourselves from that label because of what it has come to mean 😦


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