21 Signs That You Are a Mom


1) You don't need an alarm clock to wake up in the mornings, one or the other of the kids is always up at the crack of dawn to make sure mommy never ever oversleeps.

2) At 10pm you are already home after a night out rather than getting ready to start the party.

3) Your purse is large enough to hold a very large dog or a very small elephant and at any given time has at least a few toys and several snacks squirreled away within its depths.

Mom quotes

4) There are more pictures of your baby in your phone than selfies.

5) You've mastered the art of applying makeup while balancing a baby on one hip.

Unless you're a supermodel of course

6) There are more lullabies and nursery rhymes than 'actual' music in your phone.

7) The worst thing you can think of to happen to you is to run out of wipes.

8) Cooking, cleaning or other chores take twice as long as they used to and often get abandoned halfway through.

Motherhood funny

9) You are happy with 'presentable' and have long since given up on every-hair-in-place perfection.

10) You now know what acronyms like SO, LO, FTM, SAHM, etc mean.

11) You've never been this engrossed in another human beings pooping schedule.

12) Being thrown up on no longer fazes you.

13) You're more concerned with planning the details of the baby's cake smash than planning your date-night.

14) You now know what a cake smash is.

Cake smash

15) You can now do more things with one hand than you ever managed to do with both.

16) You have mastered the art of showering, getting dressed and being ready to head out the door in 8 mins flat.

17) Hair products and any hair-do more elaborate than a ponytail are luxuries only experienced on special occasions.

18) There is always something on your clothes/in your hair/inside your left sock.

19) You appreciate your mother like never before.

20) Going to the grocery store alone feels like a vacation.

21) You wouldn't give up any of the above for the world.





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