Words Fail Me…

Children's toys: not too hard to come up with ideas for those, right? I mean these are little people who are happy playing with a paper cup for hours on end so designing actual toys for them can't be that hard. There's only two basic rules to keep in mind: make them safe and make them non-creepy.

The designer of this toy though? Not really sure what he was thinking when he made this…

Creepy toy
Words fail me...



21 thoughts on “Words Fail Me…

    1. I think maybe the designer made this on a dare? Someone dared him to design something that couldn’t possibly make it past the approval phase but then somehow it actually got approved for production?

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  1. Is that thing for real? I can remember begging for the doll that actually peed and pooped but a doll that has babies? And it’s a baby doll not even Barbie – ’cause we all know what Barbie and Ken got up to.


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