Solitude is Overrated

Solitude is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s nice to be alone, to get away from the noise, the stress, the constant stream of demands and complaints, but after about 36 minutes of ‘alone time’, you start feeling the nagging desire to go find someone to share that peace and quiet with.

Do I want to be alone from time to time? Sure. Do I want some peace and quiet at times? Hell yes! Would I rather take a break with someone rather than alone? Most definitely. Yes, there are times when there’s so much to do that all you can think of is handing the baby to your hubby and locking yourself in the bathroom for a long soothing bath. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to take a break together and solitude is the only option if you want to salvage your sanity. But seeking solitude for the sake of solitude? Nope, not my cup of tea.

I repeat: solitude is overrated.

Solitude is especially overrated when it comes time to go down to the laundry room in your apartment building and this is the hall you need to walk down to get to said laundry room:

Scary hall

And all you can think of is this:

The shinning

Yup, solitude is DEFINITELY overrated.


21 thoughts on “Solitude is Overrated

  1. I never saw The Shining, but I’ve heard about it. As someone who spends a majority of her day alone while the hubby’s at work… I’ve gotta say, I like the solitude. But it’s not for everyone. ^_^


  2. As introverted as I am, and as much as I’m so often desperate to be alone, there are times when I REALLY want good company, which almost always means the company of one or more of my three awesome kids and/or my husband. Staring down that hallway struggling with a basket of laundry would definitely be one of those times. πŸ™‚


  3. haha I totally get that. There are definitely times and things I don’t want to be doing alone. But to be honest, there are times when an afternoon home alone is bliss too.


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