On iPhones, Babies and Men on Mars

Baby toy
So I found this on my phone today and since I didn’t take it and my husband didn’t take it and I’m pretty sure no passing ghost decided to get creative with my iPhone camera, that just leaves my daughter. She’s a baby sure, but like any 10 month old in the smartphone-obsessed-iPad-toting world we live in these days, she loves playing with my iPhone and can actually manage to swipe the screen to turn it on (which reminds me, maybe it’s time I actually put a passcode on that thing before she accidentally calls Singapore for an hour and sends my cellphone bill through the roof. With my luck, she’ll probably dial the one person I don’t want overhearing a conversation right when I’m having that conversation >.<).

Where was I? Ah yes, babies and iPhones.

My daughters photography talents aside, her abilities with a smartphone/tablet at such a young age got me wondering though, what kind of world are these kids going to grow up to? With their indoctrination into the cult of virtual reality and technology literally from birth, maybe this is the generation that will finally make all our Science Fiction dreams come true. Maybe there will be warp drives, teleportation devices, robotics beyond the uncanny valley and humanity on Mars within the lifetime of this new generation.

Men on Mars
Awww, my baby all ground up and walking on Mars!

It’s improbable, sure, but it’s not impossible. If you think about it, Cleopatra lived closer to the creation of the iPhone than to the building of the Great Pyramids so saying that the next generation might create what we can only imagine isn’t all that crazy.

It’s either that or they’ll become like humanity in Wall-E: more blob than human and with the face-to-face interaction skills of a senile Llama.

Image courtesy of Pixar

Here’s to hoping it’s the better of the two options that becomes reality! Till then, I’ll just sit here and wait for my brain to stop fantasising about a scifi future long enough to realize that my infant daughter is probably a better photographer than me.





2 thoughts on “On iPhones, Babies and Men on Mars

  1. My phone turns on at strange times… I get weird photos taken that neither I nor my husband take, and I can’t blame it on a toddler because we have no kids. Maybe it is a random ghost. ^_^


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