7 Reasons My Baby Cried Today

Crying baby

Babies, who can understand them? Apparently not their parents that's who. Here are 7 reasons my munchkin cried today:

1) Mommy didn't let her pull the standing lamp down on her head.

2) She couldn't find the headband (it was on her head).

3) Mommy didn't let her lick the carpet.

4) Mommy put a diaper on her.

5) She didn't want to put the shoes on.

6) She didn't want to take the shoes off.

7) Mommy wouldn't let her eat the weird bit of lint she found on the kitchen floor.

Right then.

I think getting a phd is probably a little less complex than trying to predict if a given action will cause a baby to cry or not, don't you?


So, why did your baby cry today?



9 thoughts on “7 Reasons My Baby Cried Today

  1. Hmm let’s see.. 2yo cried because I wouldn’t let him eat his cracker that fell in the floor. 5 yo cried because she asked for milk and I gave it to her but wouldn’t take it for some reason. Then she cried because she didn’t like her lasagna, because she wanted to watch a different movie than the rest if us, her sister hit her and took her toy.. lol it doesn’t get better as they get older 😦


  2. Don’t you understand how delicious carpets and kitchen lint and other floor-related objects are? I think our babies have the same taste. So why did mine cry today? I dared to take off his pajamas and put a shirt over his head. The injustice!


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