NaBloPoMo What Now?

Let’s all blog till the internet implodes!

The thing about posting every day, the important thing about posting every day, is that you need to have something to say every day.

Every. Single. Day.

Otherwise you’re just putting random things online which, though entertaining in a bizarre sort of way, doesn’t really help you ‘find your voice’ or ‘define your brand’ or any of those other things NaBloPoMo is supposed to be all about.

So yes, I am in need of some inspiration and inspiration really doesn’t seem to be hitting me on its own (dear Hypothetical Muse, please be advised that a gentle tap on the shoulder will not suffice, you will need to hit me over the head with the sledgehammer of inspiration if you hope to make a dent in this writer’s block. Thanks!). I think it’s time I went out and tracked inspiration down on my own!

*Collects inspiration trapping nets, an elephant tranquilizer and skittles*

I think that’s everything I’ll need. Wish me luck!



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