A Letter to My 10-Month Old

Crying baby

Dear Lilly,

You are my one and only little baby girl and I love you dearly, but I think we need to talk. You're just a baby so I understand that you require a certain amount of rocking and soothing and of course you're allowed the odd tantrum or four. This new thing you've developed of fighting bedtime tooth and nail as if I'm trying to throw you off a cliff instead of simply putting you down for some shut eye? That's another story.

Baby girl I love you and want to savor every moment I have with you but mommy needs some quiet time too otherwise mommy is going to lose her little mommy mind! And though I love holding you, rocking a 20lb baby for an hour straight may or may not be turning me into a hunchback.

So yes Lilly, I love you with all my heart but oh dear God you need to go to sleep! Trust me, sleep is good for you and it's good for mommy too.


Your Sleep Deprived Mommy



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14 thoughts on “A Letter to My 10-Month Old

  1. As a dad who used to help with the rocking and holding, and given the fact that at some point after our son turned three and I was still carrying him around and developed a herniated disk for some unknown reason, I can say “been there, done that.” Hopefully someone can lend you a hand before you question your sanity like we did!


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