Facts About Short People

There are people in this world who may be considered 'short' by normal standards, that is a fact.

Making fun of their height is considered impolite, that too is a fact.

Being short does not mean that they are not tall enough to punch you where it hurts, that is the most important fact.

That concludes this public service message. Have a nice day!

Short girl problems
No, no I'm not





Image courtesy of www.theberry.com




13 thoughts on “Facts About Short People

    1. Hahaha! Only another short person can understand the woes of being short 😝 I can’t count the number of ‘little’, ‘short’ or ‘small’ based pet names I’ve been called in my life!

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  1. A comment I’ve seen many of my short friends post on Facebook:
    “God only let’s things grow until they’re perfect. Some of us didn’t take as long as others.”


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