Home is where the heart is, a somewhat cheesy Hallmark greeting card-esque quote sure, but most of us will agree it's a pretty accurate definition. The heart though, that's just a tad bit more complex, and liable to change and evolve the same as you.

In the beginning, home is where your parents are because they are your whole entire world. Sure you may whine about bedtimes or the obviously unfair fried nuggets to vegetable ratio your parents insist on enforcing at dinner time, but in the end you love them with all your heart.

Chicken nuggets
Mmmm... Nuggets

As you grow, so does your heart, and it grows to encompass siblings and cousins and friends and no matter how much you fight and bicker, you love them dearly and can't imagine 'home' without them. Are there times you wanted to kill your kid sister/brother for breaking your toys or resetting that Mortal Combat score you worked so hard to reach? Sure. Do you love them any less for it? Not really.

Then you get married and your spouse becomes your other half, the one you love the most and can't live without. For the first time you are actually 'in love' and it feels as if you have never before, and can never again, feel this way about another person. You insist to each other and the rest of the world that you could never love someone as much as you love each other.

Which is fine of course. Marriage without love is like wings without buffalo sauce: lacking it's most important component (on an unrelated note, I think I might be hungry what with all the food based examples I keep popping in here). The idea that you could never love anyone more than your spouse? Yes, well that idea will go out the window the minute you have your first child.

This window to be more precise

Now you finally understand what maternal love is and why your mom got all sentimental about family pictures when all you could think about was getting out of your fancy clothes so you could play tag with the assembled cousins.

Home for me now that I have a family of my own? Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here's home to me in one picture:


Home is where the two most important people in my life think of as home. So what does 'home' mean to you?



10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Home is having a glass of wine with my husband while all my chickadees are in their nests sleeping upstairs. Home is: chaotic, rushed mornings with all my favorite littles around the breakfast table – and- too much laundry to do, toys scattered everywhere, and the sounds of my children rough- housing, arguing, laughing, running, jumping, loving. It’s crazy, but overall it’s amazing.
    Love the photo of shoes. There is nothing better than maternal love and growing a family with your best friend.

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  2. Home is anywhere, anyplace, when all five of us are together, laughing and tossing out crazy family inside jokes every few seconds. Heaven! Thanks for a beautiful post to end my day. πŸ™‚ -Amy


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