Mini Mondays: The Right Shoes

Shoe love

'Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world', but which shoes are the right shoes? Sure it's sexier and definitely more beautiful-spy-on-the-side-of-justice-esque to pull on some killer high heels for your boost of shoe-based confidence but is it practical? I mean, how many real women do you know who actually sprint around the urban jungle in stilettos like it ain't no big deal without breaking an ankle? What real police detective/FBI Agent actually comes to work in high heels that will probably reduce her feet to a painful throbbing mess 6 mins into the first chase-the-bad-guy-halfway-through-the-city-on-foot event of the day (there's several of these in a normal detective/agent's day right? Those crime dramas I watch so much of aren't lying to me, right?).

Of course not! That's exactly how real detectives dress for work!

It's true that beautiful shoes, which, let's face it, more often than not are high heels, make you feel beautiful and confident. Hell I've done more than my fair share of drooling over painfully beautifully but impossibly overpriced heels in my life, and I do wear heels every chance I get. If I'm going to conquer the world though, especially as a mother, I'll need something a bit more comfortable and long lasting. Perhaps I'll even throw in an in-sole if the world is going to take longer then a few hours to 'conquer'. After all, I want to be able to walk without wincing after I'm Queen of Everything, right?

So yes, it's true enough that give her the right shoes and a girl can conquer the world, but the 'right shoes' may not be the ones that you'd expect.

Killer heels
These are for the after party

Which shoes are the right shoes for you?



12 thoughts on “Mini Mondays: The Right Shoes

  1. I always joke that I’m a step away from white nurses shoes because of the need for comfort! I’m so impressed when people can pull off heels for more than a couple of hours!!! 🙂


    1. Pre-baby I could have lived in heels no problem but now? It gets a little hard to run around in heels when you have a 20 pound baby on one hip 99% of the time 😝


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