To Buy or Not to Buy


Cutting down on expenses is something we all need to do from time to time. Actually managing to do it though? Yeah that's just a little bit more difficult. You may spend hours slaving over a meticulously planned budget with allowances for everything from groceries to emergency shoe-shopping (I'm a shoe-addict, so sue me), but the minute you actually set foot in a store, that lovely budget goes right out the window and you end up spending just a little extra on something completely random that you didn't go there to buy. So you go to pick up some eggs and before you know it you're the proud owner of a pumpkin themed laundry hamper that you probably don't need. It doesn't really matter if you spend an extra $2 or $200, by the end of the month all those extras add up and you end up over budget yet again.

Wait, how much did I spend on chocolate this month?



Trying to apply clear-headed logic to your little dilemma, you sit at home, reasoning that the less you enter shopping establishments, the less you'll spend. Makes sense right? Easy.

Yeah, a little too easy apparently because home is where the catalogues pile up, tempting you with their glossy images of beautiful things that you know you don't need but you definitely want. It's like trying to diet with a steaming hot pizza right in front of you. You know you should refrain but who has that sort of willpower?

How am I supposed to resist these?
Eventually, if it's not the glossy catalogues it's the shiny coupons promising you 20% or 50% off that poke holes in your will power. As the expiration date on those coupons draw near, you actually start feeling anxious about 'wasting' the opportunity to get such 'great deals'. I'll just go see if there's anything worth buying you reason, I do need a new pair of jeans so it makes sense to buy it on sale you tell yourself. Slowly, your resistance crumbles and you make the inevitable pilgrimage to the mall where you end up not buying any jeans but definitely investing in a shiny new tea set to add to the 7 that you already have. You know, in case the Impulsive Tea Drinker's Club have an accident right outside your door and decide to hold their next Tea Drinking Competition at your place.
Drinking tea


And God help you if you've downloaded any savings themed apps or given your email address at any store. If you have, then even if you start burning your mail before opening it in a bid to escape the clutches of brochures and coupons, it won't help. Not only will they still find you, they'll make your phone give you a nifty little buzz and beep every few days to make sure you can't ignore them. It's like you're stuck in a 90s slasher movie where the masked killer ends up being a 25% off coupon for Martha Stewart cooking utensils (conditions apply).


Well, I guess there's always next month right?




What's YOUR best tip on how to stick to a budget?







16 thoughts on “To Buy or Not to Buy

  1. This post describes my mother to a T. The best thing I can suggest is to use cash instead of credit cards, and put the extra money into a savings account that you cannot touch until a certain amount of time has passed.


  2. I’m in the cash group too. I might not know how to manage my hair but we do pretty good with the budget. 🙂 We do cash envelopes for different categories (grocery, dining out…) and when it’s gone it’s gone till next budget. I have my husbands obsession with Dave Ramsey to thank for our good financial systems. While I HATE hearing “Dave Ramsey says…” I can’t argue with the fact that following his plan really has worked for us. Good luck! 🙂


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