Bad Hair Day Anyone?

Hair: the bane of every woman's life. On good days, it can make you look and feel like a princess but on bad days? On bad days their hair can reduce even the best of women to tears and no matter how amazing your outfit or how expensive your killer heels, a bad hair day will still end up making you feel like a walking disaster and reduce your confidence to zero.

Bad hair day
Stop fighting me damn it and for once please don't make me look like a clown on steroids!

But Sally, you say, what about the bazillion hair products out there to tame every kind of hair and every kind of hair issue? Well my adorably naive hypothetical reader, have you ever actually used products on a daily basis? Products are all well and good but they never seem to give you consistent results, the same product giving you perfect hair one day and what-the-hell-happened-to-your-head hair the next. Not to mention the long term damage they do to your precious locks which makes hair management even more of a nightmare.

You mean shampoo ads and glossy magazines lied to us? You ask meekly. Yes my poor delusional friend, I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but yes they did. Those effortless looking I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-like-this hairstyles? Yeah, they require a plethora of products and a small army of stylists to achieve and mantain.

Bed hair
No, this is not what your average woman looks like 'just out of bed'

The perfect haircut that let's you just run a comb through your hair and be ready to face the day without the daily battle most women wage on their tresses? I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm just saying your probability of landing it is about the same as your chances of winning the lottery: it happens, but very rarely and always to some other lucky shmuck.

Red carpet hair
Pictured: Some lucky shmucks

As for the rest of us average folk, we have to make do with the days when our daily hair-war ends in vaguely presentable hair and maybe doesn't involve you pleading with your hair in the bathroom mirror or making you seriously consider shaving your head there and then.



How do YOU deal with bad hair days?



8 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day Anyone?

  1. Yes, I once threw a brush in frustration so hard against the wall that it broke. My hair used to be boring but easy–very straight. Now, after pregnancy, it is growing in a little wavy, but mostly just frizzy if I wear it down. So instead, it’s pretty much always up in a bun with a halo of the new frizzy stuff flowing around my head. Ugh.


    1. Hahaha! Simple yet chic :p sadly, I need loads of hair spray up front if I do a ponytail on account of all the broken hair I have there. Without hairspray I end up with a halo of small hair which is highly annoying


      1. Well there is that, but not owning hair spray when my hair gets all broken off I resort to braids and bandannas or sometimes the pig tail buns until my hair grows long enough I can abuse it with a pony tail and it all breaks again… it’s a vicious cycle!


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