The Apple Obsession

Hi there, my name is Sally and I’m an Apple addict, or an iAddict as I like to refer to it (yes, I’m hopelessly uncool, glad you noticed).

iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, you name it and I’ve got it. I realize of course that at this point, all of the above are basically different versions of a computer so it doesn’t really make sense to own all of them, but come on, who can resist? A Mac is all well and good, but I need a tablet as well. You know, for all the on-the-go computing a stay-at-home mom needs to do. What do you expect me to do? Carry my Mac all the way from my bedroom to the living room and back again? And of course I need a phone, so why not an iPhone? An iPhone is pretty much a mini tablet, a phone and an iPod all in one, but come on, why would I buy only one Apple product when I can have three?

My precious...

Of course simply owning one of each product isn’t enough for a true iAddict, you have to own the latest versions of each. After all, everyone knows that iPhones have an inbuilt mechanisms whereby they become completely unattractive, slow and dissatisfying the minute the newest model comes out, right? Ditto for the iPad. I mean I know my ‘old’ iPhone 5 functions fine and all but have you seen the iPhone 6 and 6+ people? It would be irresponsible to not throw all my money at Apple at the earliest opportunity!

Pictured: me throwing all the money at Apple

I know I’m not alone in this addiction, I know too many fellow addicts to think that. In fact, at this point the people who aren’t iAddicts are probably in the minority which… which means we’re the normal ones, right? So it’s totally normal to camp out all night outside the Apple store so you can give them a large portion of your savings in exchange for something you may or may not actually need? Or to own more tech than a small school did a few decades ago? Or to watch the Apple ‘unveil’ with the same devotion as most would reserve for a religious sermon?


You guys?

*Crickets chirp*

Umm.. Soooooo… Who all is buying iPhone 6 as soon as it is available? Anyone?






8 thoughts on “The Apple Obsession

    1. Oh God, don’t get me started about the watch! A mini iPad strapped to your wrist? *swoons* But since it’s not going to be available till 2015, I’ve left it out of this post for now 😝


  1. I have a Mac computer and I’m obsessed… but my bf got me hooked on a Samsung phone and I have to say, it’s pretty sparkly too. But it is NO iPhone, I know that 🙂 Stopping in (very belatedly!) to wish you a happy SITS day! I hope you enjoyed your day in the spotlight!!


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