The Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Girl


As a normal, everyday human being, chances are you’ve been asked questions in your life. Some questions are good, some are bad, some awkward and some completely random. If you’re a girl though, especially one from a family-centric or ‘traditional’ culture, chances are you’ve been asked some (or all) of the following (progressively) annoying questions. If on the other hand you are someone who has in his or her life asked any of these questions, here’s a little advice from a victim of The Questions: asking these questions too often may get you killed.

The Questions:

Girl in college: you’re still studying? When are you graduating and getting married?

Working girl: when are you getting married? I mean you’ve graduated so what are you waiting for? (The increase in the intensity of disapproval/panic/pity of the questioner is directly proportional to the girl’s age)

Married girl: When are you having a baby?

Married with a baby: when are you going for the second one?



I think I just might try that one..
I think I just might try this next time…


What are some of the most annoying/frustrating questions that YOU have been asked in your life?


27 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Girl

  1. Haha, I too like the interpretive dance response! πŸ™‚ I get asked how I can stay home with my kids all day sometimes. I simply smile at this question: it does not deserve a response. πŸ™‚


    1. Next time try delicately testing the edge of a sharp knife you happen to be holding in your hand while smiling at the questioner. That should be interesting 😝


  2. Definitely “When are you getting married?” Mostly because we’ve been engaged for almost five years and after awhile, it was just “I’ll let you know when we pick a date! Back off!” But jobs and everything finally fell into place this year, so I’m sure they’ll start asking when we’re going to have babies. -_-

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  3. I was going in for a tubal ligation and everyone that worked at the hospital wanted to ask me if I was sure and aren’t I too young for that? And then precede to tell me all the reasons why I will regret it.


    1. Hahahaha! Of course, how could I forget those annoying baby related questions 😝 why are you feeding her that? Why aren’t you feeding her that? Blah blah blah


  4. My favorite answer to “When are you having children?” has always been, “I believe children should be wanted,” said with a big smile. People usually have to pause long enough to figure that one out that I can change the subject.

    I think it was Emily Post (or Ms. Manners?) who said you should answer rude questions with an answer that pretends they asked a polite question. As in, “How much weight have you gained with this pregnancy?” should be answered with, “I feel great, thank you for asking!” Vaguely passive-aggressive, but in the best possible way. But I can never think that fast!


    1. Hahaha! Being subtle has it’s benefits but it’s never as satisfying as a frying pan to the head of the annoying questioner :p Bonking people on the head is generally frowned upon though so maybe I’ll try your way next time :p Thank you for stopping by!


  5. College: “its great that you want to be educated, but what about marriage?”

    Married: “its great that youre married, but remember when you loved to study, dont you want to do more of that?”

    Married and studying: “still not pregnant? Must be the stress of studying?”

    Married and studying with a baby: “dont you think its time you got a job?”

    Married with a baby and a job “are you prioritizing your career over a sibling for your baby?!”

    Married with babies and a job “wouldnt you rather focus on your home now that youve got the little ones to care for?”

    Housewife and three kids: “its a shame you dont do something more productive with your life, remember how you loved your studying and your career, why would you throw that away?”

    Ugh. Ugh.


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