Days of Drowning

There are days when you breeze through your to-do list, when you have a full but satisfying day, when everything (or almost everything) gets done and you end the day on a positive note.


There are also days when nothing seems to be going right, when the chores just seem to be piling up faster than you can do them and nothing seems to be getting done properly. No matter how much you do, there just seems to be a never ending line of things demanding your attention. Just when you think everything is done and you can sit down for two minutes and have a much needed cup of tea, something else crops up and the idea of rest is abandoned for another time.

Days when the baby just won't go to sleep even though she's visibly sleepy and you end up rocking her for two straight hours till you're close to tears and all you want is for your own mom to come and give you a hug. Days when no matter what or how much you do, it just doesn't seem to be good enough and no one seems to notice or care. Days when you feel so overwhelmed, it's like a physical feeling of drowning and all you want is to curl up in a corner and cry. Days when, even though logically you know you are surrounded by family and friends who love you, you feel all alone, drowning in an endless sea of things demanding your time.

Those are the days you doubt your sanity and feel like you just need to run away from it all, to let the adrenaline pump through your body and wash away these feelings of despair.

Those are the days when the best you can do is just remember to breath. No matter how long it may seem, this day too will eventually end.




6 thoughts on “Days of Drowning

  1. I understand so well. Some lines hit me very hard, “no one seems to notice or care” “want my own mom to hug me” among others. no matter how many friends, how much loving family we may have, misery delights in isolation. But know this: we are all alone in our own little pockets of misery, fighting our own battles. For what consolation that is worth.

    Tomorrow will be a better day for you, Sally. Hugs.


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