Introducing the Mini Mondays!

Mondays: the one day of the week everyone loves to hate. whether you’re a working stiff, a housewife, a stay at home parent or a student, if you actively look forward to Mondays, I’m pretty sure they have a name for that condition and legions of therapists to help you get over that misplaced devotion.

Mondays aren’t fun is all I’m saying.

Everyone can use a little pick-me-up on a Monday and since I know how much you all love me and can’t fathom a world without me popping up in your email, newsfeed or reader on a semi-regular basis, I have decided to launch a new feature on the blog to combat your Monday blues: the Mini Mondays!

What is a Mini Monday you ask? Well, I’m a little vague about it myself for now but basically it’s a mini post, just a few lines long or perhaps just an image or comic. In essence it’s simply a mini dose of Bungling Housewife to kick start the week because why not?

So for the inaugural Mini Monday post, here’s a little something to give you a quick laugh while you scroll through your phone/tablet/laptop feeds in an attempt to ignore any constructive work you might otherwise be doing on the most depressing day of the week.


Sorry guys, but this one is for the ladies!
Sorry guys, but this one is for the ladies! (image courtesy of

Have a great day everyone!


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