5 Life Lessons ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ has Taught Me

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been trying to post more often (and disappear into the blue less) these past few weeks in a bid to be more consistent and organized.

Let’s see how long that lasts.

Posting thrice a week may not sound all that hard but managing to find the time, motivation and inspiration required to actually write three separate posts per week isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Especially not when the writer in question is as easily distracted and as prone to procrastination as yours truly.

true story

Where was I? Oh yes, being more consistent and not getting distracted. Riiiight. Funny story that. You know how you switch on your computer to work and decide to read a few comics/articles/random stuff before actually starting? And those ‘few’ turn into ‘many’ and before you know it it’s 3am, the baby is crying for her bottle and you’re wondering where your night went.

Yeeeah, that.

In my defense, Calvin and Hobbes is hands down the best comic strip ever and well worth missing a nights sleep. Not only is it funny as hell, it also manages to teach you some pretty important life lessons along the way. So in honor of my love of Calvin and Hobbes (and in a bid to stick to my new 3-post-a-week blogging schedule), here are 5 life lessons that Calvin and Hobbes comic strips have taught me:


Calvin and Hobbes

Find happiness in simple things.


Calvin and Hobbes 2

Dancing to loud music is the best therapy for all stress, tensions, worries and random bouts of sadness. Dancing with your best friend is even better. Though try not to keep the neighbours up: getting hit over the head with a lamp can put a real damper on your mood.


Calvin and Hobbes 3

No matter how unreasonable your kid’s request may sound, they usually have a pretty good reason for it in their own minds. Usually.


Calvin and Hobbes 5

When in doubt, blame someone else.


Calvin and Hobbes 4

Being normal is overrated.


Have a great weekend everyone!


15 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ has Taught Me

  1. Yay for Calvin and Hobbes. I make my own course material (I teach about religion to a public of 15-18 year old) and it’s scattered with Calvin and Hobbes. Many of them are not only easy to identify with, but also incredibly deep!


    1. You are most welcome! One of the most cherished possessions is a beautifully illustrated Calvin and Hobbes book with a collection of the best strips 🙂 I love it!


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