YOLO My Foot!

In the world of hashtags and short attention spans, the ideology of #YOLO seems to be just what the doctor ordered. It's simple, self-explanatory, has mass appeal and is easy to tweet about.


For some reason though, it really REALLY annoys the hell out of me.

Why does such an inoffensive and generally positive ideology make me want to hit someone over the head with my trusty mallet you ask? Oh let me count the ways! Actually, let me not do that. Let's keep it simple.

First off, get your facts straight people: you live every minute of every day until the day you die. THAT (death) only happens once. Saying YOLO before doing something you really shouldn't be doing does not absolve you of all blame or save you from having to deal with the repercussions of your actions. Sure, car surfing may seem like a fun and quirky activity that makes you feel oh-so-cool, but when things go horribly wrong, saying YOLO really won't make you feel any better about having to living with the aftermath.

Yes yes, I get the idea that you only have one life so make it worthwhile and all that jazz. That sentiment in itself is great, but this YOLO ideology on the other hand seems to be only about making stupid life choices or being irresponsible 'just because'. It's not so much the ideology that I find annoying, it's the way people use it as an excuse for every bad decision they want to make in life.

YOLO annoying

Life is short people, please stop wasting it on being stupid.

*End rant*


What modern trend/ideology do you find most annoying?


4 thoughts on “YOLO My Foot!

  1. While I agree that you should make the most out of every moment in your life, that doesn’t mean you are entitled to do stupid things. It’s the same thing I tell my son when he tries to use an excuse “my friends did it”. If they would jump off the bridge would you follow?


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