So What Exactly Do You Do All Day?

Pictured: not me
I don’t know about you, but I’m the sort of person who starts to get a twitch if anything disturbs my carefully planned schedule. I may not be the most well organized of people, or the most efficient, but when I do plan things out, I have no patience with anything that disrupts those plans. Take a bath, run the washing machine, vacuum, cook dinner and so on and so forth within a stipulated time period. Once you have a baby though, things change. Even the most meticulously worked out schedule goes out the window if the baby needs changing or feeding or if she simply doesn’t want to be put down. Want to take a bath? Too bad, not until the baby decides to go down for a nap. Cooking dinner? Well the baby’s managed to have a mini poop-plosion so turn off the stove and go bath her, change her and feed her. Just pray the half cooked dinner on the stove is still salvageable once you’re free.

Sometimes these intervals of forced breaks in my schedule frustrate me. When I am doing something, I prefer to get it done quickly as opposed to having it dragged out throughout the day. If I know there are dishes in the sink, I really won’t be able to relax in the living room. Ditto for unmade beds in the bedrooms. Maybe that’s a little OCD but what can I say, I never claimed to be a totally sane individual.

From time to time though I enjoy the respite these breaks offer as well. Little snippets of the day for just baby and me and no one in between. Yes, I want to scream at the people who ask me what exactly I do all day when they see my cluttered house or me still in my pjs at 3pm, but in the end I realise I have nothing to prove. I’m no slob, but when the baby needs something, everything else goes to the back burner without a second thought. I’m done explaining to people that I’m not being lazy sitting here with my baby while the dishes stagnate in the sink, I’m sitting here because she’s in a bad mood and will start crying the minute I put her down. Life is too short to waste it worrying about what others might think.

So yes, as I sit here with my baby girl sleeping in my arms, the lights down low and the hubbub of the household seemingly far away beyond the closed bedroom door, I’m thankful for these moments spent with my baby. She’ll be all grown up soon enough, the housework will still be there. Chores can wait.


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25 thoughts on “So What Exactly Do You Do All Day?

  1. So true! They will only be little for such a short time. Our houses will still be there waiting for us when they are gone.


      1. Never mind. At least you get out of them. It’s trying to explain to your still organised friends (who haven’t yet had kids) why you’ve suddenly become this complete mess. Except with the baby, who is usually the only thing in the house that shines. (most of the time)


      1. Before Writing 201 gets underway on Monday, we thought we’d take a look back at 101. You were a prolific bunch, and seeing just how much you accomplished feels great and an is excellent way to get motivated for 201.


  2. I hate when my plans get disrupted. It’s an instant trip down bad mood road. However, over time I learned to deal with it… somewhat. My kids are the only ones who aren’t the cause of my bad mood if plans fall through because of them.


    1. Getting into bad moods is part and parcel of marriage and mommyhood :p As long as the bad mood doesn’t get taken out on the kids, it’s all good, right? My husband usually ends up taking the brunt of it, but he’s an angel and let’s me vent when he realises I need to vent πŸ™‚


  3. So glad to find your blog through my linkup!! πŸ™‚ I’m totally a schedule abiding mama, and I hate the disruption too. But, I find now as a mom to 3 kids, that there will ALWAYS be a disruption in nearly everyday, so I’ve learned to go with it a lot more. Some days it’s easier than others depending on how much sleep I get. But you’re right, they grow up so fast. I was looking at pictures of my 8 year old today when she was 4 and just about wanted to cry.


    1. Three kids is quite a handful! I’m going crazy with just the one >.< I suppose once I have a second (and a third) I'll look back on these days and laugh at how flustered I got with so little to do :p


  4. I’ve learned as a dad that schedules are best made in pencil. I wake up every day with the same aspirations; if being a dad disrupts that, well, that’s the plan. The other stuff will be there tomorrow. It always will be. The kids won’t always be kids. And i want to make sure I model the right thing.

    *Glad I found you through the Manic Mondays linkup. Liked and followed.


    1. No matter how much you get done, there will ALWAYS be more tomorrow so wasting time stressing on it is time not spend with the kids πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the like and follow!


  5. I’m really good at ignoring messes when I can’t do anything about them because of a baby or lately a Little Boy. I remember making dinner lasted forever. Chopping one carrot every hour πŸ˜€ My husband is the organized, clean one in the house and I appreciate that a lot.


    1. Hahaha! I can totally relate to the chopping one carrot at a time thing. I took a chicken out from the freezer to defrost today and what with one thing and another, I was halfway to Costco before I remembered the darn chicken still thawing in my sink! I swear sometimes I honestly think I’m going senile >.<


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