‘ Why Am I Still Awake?’ And Other Mysteries At 1:36am

It’s 1:36am and I’m really starting to regret my decision to not go to bed earlier. I had my chance, I could have gone to bed around 11pm when Button (my 7 month old) went down for the night or even around 12 when my husband went to bed. But no, I had to be optimistic about my productivity levels and insist to myself that of course I could manage to marinate all the burger patties for tomorrow’s barbecue tonight and be stress free tomorrow.

stress free
Pictured: A stress free me

My plan made sense in my head, it was logical and well thought out, it just left out one very important variable: my superhuman abilities of procrastination. When something needs to be done, I’ll do it for sure, but if it can be left for tomorrow? Well then, that’s Future Sally’s problem, not mine.

sucks to be you Future Sally

So here I sit at 1:37am and how much meat have I managed to marinate? 4lbs? 2? Try zero.


So why don’t I just go to sleep and salvage what’s left of my beauty sleep you ask? While that might sound like the logical thing to do, it’s a little more complicated then that.
You see, we’re currently in the middle of the month of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting for Muslims. Each day is marked by two meals: Sehri, which is the meal right before sunrise, and Aftari, the meal at sunset when you break your fast. Between these two you cannot eat, drink or smoke (you also can’t swear, fight, gossip, back bite, lie, etc. and that’s harder than the not eating part).

So yes, those two meals? Kind of a big deal with lots of food and lots of food preparation involved. Which brings me back to why I’m still awake at 1:47am and mentally scolding Past Sally for her questionable decision making skills. That Sehri meal I mentioned earlier? Well I have to be up by 2:45am at the latest to prepare for it so that the husband and I have enough time to eat and drink before Sehri time ends and the fast begins. If I go to sleep now, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to wake up in an hour and even if I do manage to wake up, I’ll probably manage to burn the house down trying to cook in my half-asleep state.

this... this wasn't part of the recipe, was it?
no, we definitely don’t want that happening

So yes, I’m not in the mood to marinate anything in the middle of the night and I can’t go to sleep until after Sehri, and tomorrow is the 4th of July (or today is, to be more accurate) which demands barbecue so I’ll have to marinate everything tomorrow. On the plus side, since it’s Ramadan, we can’t barbecue till Aftari time which is around 8:30pm so I have all day to prepare. However, that also means I can’t taste test anything since I’ll be fasting.


That doesn’t sound like a disaster waiting to happen, right?

Happy 4th of July everyone!


16 thoughts on “‘ Why Am I Still Awake?’ And Other Mysteries At 1:36am

  1. I went to bed at 11pm and that’s like 2hrs passed my bedtime. Total mistake! And I wasn’t even marinating or anything to get done.
    Now on a side note, I have couple friends who also do the Ramadan fasting and I must say, I don’t know how you guys do it. I can barley do the no meat Friday during lent 😉
    Hope you have a good 4th of July and enjoy your BBQ 🙂


    1. Thank you! I hope you have a good day despite the lack of sleep :p and fasting is not too bad once you get used to it. On the bright side there’s no better time to do that diet you’ve been meaning to do since forever 😝


  2. Blimey, sounds complicated. I just thought (if I thought of it at all) that Muslims don’t eat between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan. Never thought about food preparation and what a faff that must be. Cooking, when you’re hungry? And you can’t eat? No. Couldn’t do that. You go, girl.
    BTW, What do you marinate them in?


    1. It’s not too hard once you get used to it. The problem is remembering not to eat anything because you tend to forget at times :p Also, asking a fasting husband what he wants for Aftari/dinner is not a good idea because he will want the moon at that point.
      The marination is simple enough, given that I’m no masterchef ^^ it’s just various spices and green chillies mixed into the minced meat and letting it marinate for a bit before making burger patties for the grill


  3. Procrastination is probably the worst malady that ravages the world. Since there is no vaccine for it I think we should just turn to giving up and retreating to that comfy spot on the couch.

    If that is not acceptable finding a way to build discipline and consistency is the key.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health


  4. Haven’t had an insomniac moment for a while now, but I completely feel your pain of counting those diminishing hours. Hope you managed to squeeze in a tiny nap somewhere on your holiday! And managed to NOT burn down the house. (SITS Girls-Sharefest!)


  5. Oh, how often I’ve messed up the next day by not having the willpower to go to bed when I should. I hope you had a lovely fourth of July after all. And thanks for explaining more about Ramadan. It helps me understand.

    Happy Sharefest! I hope you have a lovely weekend. And get some sleep.


    1. You’ve hit the nail on the proverbial head! Even when I know I’ll be a mess the next day if I don’t get enough sleep, I simply lack the will power to go to bed when I should! Not to mention the fact that I’m too lazy to actually be productive at night 😦 oh well, we all have our flaws! My 4th of July went better then expected actually, and the food turned out fine so disaster averted! Cooking in ramadan is a double edged sword: you can’t taste test when you’re fasting so food might turn out bad, but everyone is so hungry by the time the fast ends, even not-so-great food tastes amazing :p

      Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Found you through SITS and I liked this post a lot! And I can relate through the comment Elaine posted: I know quite a lot of students who fast during Ramadan but it never crossed my mind what that means for food preparation!


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