Are You Scared Yet?

the scream

Who doesn’t like a good horror movie? Anything good enough to actually scare you counts as a good movie as far as I’m concerned. The problem of course arises when the movie is over and you realize you’re still scared. Getting scared during a horror movie: great! Getting nightmares because of it: not so great.

My husband and I have a lot in common but a love of horror movies just isn’t one of them. Getting him to agree to watch a scary movie with me is therefore not an easy feat so of course certain promises have to be made before he actually agrees.

Him: Now, are you sure you won’t get scared afterwards? I am NOT sleeping with the lights on, ok?

Me: Of course I won’t get scared! It’s just a movie I know that.

Him: Well thats what you said last time but you still woke me up twice during the night to check under the bed for clowns.

Me: Oh that was ages ago! I’m more mature now.

Him: That was last Tuesday honey.

clowns: the stuff nightmares are made of
clowns: the stuff nightmares are made of

The thing is, watching a scary movie that doesn’t scare me seems like such a waste of time but on the other hand remaining scared after the movie is over is not a fun experience either. It’s a ‘damned if you do it, damned if you don’t’ sort of dilemma.

I come from a long line of females who love scary stories but to the best of my knowledge I’m the only one who’s managed to develop a debilitating fear of mutant clowns because of said stories. Why can’t I be more like my grandmother who was so used to the idea of living in a haunted house (true story) that nothing fazed her. The best example of her totally blasé attitude towards everything supernatural that I can offer is from one of the times my sister and I were spending the weekend at her place. Upon being woken up in the middle of the night because my sister and I were convinced we could see a ‘shadow man’ in the corner, her only response was to ask ‘is he stealing anything?’ On being told that no, he didn’t appear to be making away with her prized porcelain horse statuettes, she simply rolled over and started snoring again. So yes, I know people love to say that the apple never falls far from the tree but in the case of my ability to deal with all things scary, I’d say I’m not even in the same galaxy as my familial tree.

Will I stop watching horror movies anytime soon? Definitely not. Will I ever stop getting scared because of them? Probably not. What can I say, I may not have inherited my ancestors’ fearlessness but I sure as hell inherited their love of scary stories.

So what’s your favourite scary story?


5 thoughts on “Are You Scared Yet?

  1. Soooo many of these new movies about the devil and possession and spirits are too much for me. I absolutely cannot watch them.

    We have an old urban legend around here about a woman who passed away. She was very wealthy and as such, she was buried with a lot of her fine jewelry. One of which was a very valuable ring.

    After her funeral two grave robbers dug up her casket and opened it and begin to steal her belongings. The only thing they couldn’t make off with was the ring. Figuring that she was dead anyway, one of the thieves pulled out a knife and began to just cut her finger off.

    When he started to cut, the woman sat straight up in her casket. Turns out that she had been buried alive. She walked home that night and lived a long life.

    Supposedly this is a story unique only to the Eastern Shore of MD. But it’s funny, I’ve been on several ghost tours in small towns in the area and they each claim the story
    Originated in their town. And I could have sworn that I heard that story or read it elsewhere. Who knows if it really happened or not. And even though I hear it pretty much once every Halloween season, and I know what’s coming and it’s not the scariest thing I’ve ever heard of, it’s still good fun to hear it.

    It just wouldn’t be Halloween without it!

    As for which movies in my life have freaked me out the most? Don’t laugh but The Blair Witch Project really did scare me. I can see why it’s a polarizing movie and why some wouldn’t like the format but I’m just the type that noises in the dark scare more than a masked man with a chainsaw. Same with The Exorcist. That movie was disturbing. And even though now the effects seem a little primitive, something about them using real things and real bodies for their stunts and such make it that much more effective for me.

    Oh and Jaws. Still don’t swim in the ocean that much.

    I promise, I’m done!


    1. Urban legends are somehow worse then scary movies because with urban legends there’s always a chance that they are true! Slasher movies I’m not that much into but give me a movie on the paranormal and I’m hooked.
      The Blair witch project was the first of its kind do it was scary and for the longest time I was unsure whether it was fake of not! The exorcist still haunts my nightmares as well… The more recent ‘the possession’ was scary too.. Really good horror movies are far and in between though


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