The Absent Minded Housewife

absent minded
I’m pretty sure I’m still forgetting something

Good Morning dear readers, my name is Sally and I have a confession to make. I have become that which I once found annoying in others. I have become a hopeless scatterbrain.

I know, I know, It’s not the worst thing in the world to be, but it still doesn’t make it any less annoying. I’ve never thought of myself as the absent minded professor type but now, well let’s just say I now understand what the phrase ‘would forget my own head if it wasn’t screwed on’ means. Maybe it’s the transition to being a new mom and the disruption of all attempts at planning out the day this entails, or maybe it’s the change from highly-organised-working-person to too-much-to-do-with-no-fixed-timings-housewife, or maybe I’m just getting old (although I’m pretty sure memory loss due to old age doesn’t set in at 28 but who knows). Whatever the reason, the end result is one highly forgetful female.

What’s most frustrating about this current state of affairs is the fact that I used to be a highly organised and efficient person. Hell, I used to get praised at work for how well-organised I was! And now? Now I’m the idiot who forgets to put clothes in the dryer and therefore has to re-wash them the next day. Or turns on the wrong burner on the stove and burns out the bottom of a perfectly good pot while the kettle sits there cold and forlorn depriving me of my much needed cup of tea.

well look at the bright side, this could have been my cup of tea
well look at the bright side, this could have been my cup of tea, right?

I often find myself standing in the middle of the room trying to remember what it is that I forgot (because trust me when I say that there is ALWAYS something that I have forgotten) only to be pulled out of my reverie by my husbands screams because he discovered the open, poop-filled diaper I forgot on the bathroom sink (and yes, this has happened more than once).

So what is a scatterbrained girl to do before she accidentally burns the house down because she forgot to turn off the toaster oven after having three day old pizza because she forgot to get the groceries needed to cook dinner? Help me dear readers because I refuse to be that girl! Any advice is welcome, and while I’m waiting for your response, let me just try to remember what I’m probably forgetting right now.

Does anyone else smell smoke?


12 thoughts on “The Absent Minded Housewife

  1. Yes. This is absolutely me.
    Turns out it’s also my mum and grandmother. A long running joke in our family are the wooden breadboards with element patterns scorched into them – one from my mum, one from my grandmother. I’m expecting to make my own any day now. 🙂


  2. When I get forgetful, one way that helps me focus on tasks at work or home is writing a detailed checklist. This will ensure that you get everything done that you wanted to that day. You can review it throughout the day and check things off as you accomplish them. If I start to get extremely forgetful I slow down. Multitasking is nice but sometimes our bodies just needs a break and doing one task at a time may help.

    As far as food is concerned I have fell in love with eMeals: meal planning made simple. It’s fresh, creative, penny-wise, weight smart, and kid friendly. eMeals has many plans to fit your family, your budget and your lifestyle. I have cut costs on food tremendously and the meals are so fast to prepare. Grocery time is a breeze because eMeals gives you a weekly list and you can also use an app for the grocery checklist, you can also add things to the list. I’m in and out of the grocery store in a flash and I have saved a ton of money! Check it out:

    Relax, sometimes if I get overwhelmed with life I get forgetful. And as silly as this may sound, taking a few minutes for yourself may help. I hope you feel better 🙂


    1. Thanks for the advice 🙂 I make lists al day long but still manage to forget things >.< I end up running around like a headless chicken! Will definitely try out emeals now 🙂

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  3. I am that scatterbrain too, unfortunately. 🙄
    My advice is to make lists, lists, lists! I don’t remember a darn thing without them.


  4. No idea.. but if you figure it out let me know I could use some help too. Yesterday my husband pointed out the second load of laundry I had “washed” without turning on the washer, which he had to take out because the peed on sheets from the two year old got priority. Yes I knew her diaper had come off, yes I meant to go put one on her after she was asleep. And yes I forgot.


    1. Hahaha! That definitely makes me feel better about my own forgetfulness :p we will get through this, one forgotten load of laundry at a time! I’d suggest starting a club (scatterbrain anonymous?) but we’d probably forget we existed :p


  5. I don’t know what we can. I think it will get better at some point. I’m struggling because I actually have never been an organized person. And that just needs to change, plain and simple. But, I feel you. It’s painful how absent minded I can be sometimes.

    I was getting in the car once and after loading the kids up I opened my door to get in and ended up smacking the towel I still had wrapped around my head from my shower against the side of the car. Yea. Back inside with me.



    1. Hahaha! I’ve never forgotten a towel on my head (yet) but I’ve often forgotten to change out of my home slippers into outside shoes when running out, or forgotten to take the stickers off a new shirt when wearing it for the first time >.< life as a mom is oh so glamorous, no?


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