5 Things to Remember When Travelling With a Baby


Being a mom isn’t easy, and being a first time mom is harder still. As a new mom, there are many obstacles that will come your way but one of the most testing situations you will go through isn’t the midnight feedings or teething pains or sleep deprivation. No, what will really test your mettle as a mom and your patience as a human being is having to travel with a baby in tow.That right there is what parenting nightmares are made of and the moms who insist it’s no big deal are either delusional, have saints for kids or just haven’t traveled far enough with a screaming baby in the backseat.

So for all you new mothers out there who have yet to plunge into this particular ordeal, here are some pointers to help you along the way and maybe allow you to retain some semblance of sanity on the flipside of this experience. So take a deep breath, buckle up, and remember:

1) Do NOT forget her stuffed giraffe. She will cry the whole way there and back again if you forget that bloody giraffe.

2) Repeat after me: you can never have enough wipes.

3) Rely on the kindness of strangers, especially when you have a baby in one arm, a gynormous baby bag in the other, and are trying to turn the bathroom door knob with your hip and wishing you have a third arm handy.

Or learn how to juggle, whichever comes easier
Or learn how to juggle, whichever comes easier

4) If travelling on a plane, bus or other public transportation, be mentally prepared to bear the wrath of your fellow passengers who can’t sleep/eat/write the great American novel because of your screaming baby

5) No matter how hot it is, ALWAYS have a jacket handy because you will require it before long and panic when you have none and 6 month olds really do not take kindly to attempted swaddling. Which reminds me: always trim your little angel’s nails before starting the journey if you want to reach your destination not looking like the bride of Frankenstein.

Happy travels!

What would you add to the list? 


13 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember When Travelling With a Baby

  1. Oh I forgot to add—6.) Bring extra food and formula, just in case. You may get stuck on the runway for more then an hour. A hungry baby, toddler or child isn’t pleasant on long hauls.
    7.) Entertainment! Load up your iPad/iPhone. If you do not like your child watching tv, you might rethink that notion when on an 18 hour flight stuck in a chair. Short Baby Einstein videos are great for babies. There’s a ton of great educational apps out there too for all different ages.


    1. My little one is already in love with the iPhone and I’m dreading the time when she actually learns how to use it! iPhone/iPad addiction in kids is very stressful for the parents.. Lol


  2. The thought of holidaying/travelling long distances with my kids makes me break out in a cold sweat! I’ve mastered the train locally, and that’s about it. My piece of advice is know what you want/need and be assertive. If no one offers help (point 3), then you need to put on your big girl pants and ask for it.

    Also, a tablet of some variety is a godsend. You could bring twenty books, several DVDs and a player and a bunch of games, or you could bring a tablet. It will regain its value in the hair you haven’t ripped out in about a week.


  3. Spare bottle of milk, as above. Bar of chocolate (for you) for when they finally drop off. More wipes. Spare nappies. Spare vests. And if you’re in a car, Do Not Forget the sunshade that you stick on their window. It makes it more likely they will drop off (and really, with a baby, what more do you want on a trip?)


  4. I took a 10hr nonstop flight to brazil with my month old and she was perfect! My tip is if you have a long flight make it am overnight and hopefully if she’s like my daughter she’ll sleep the whole way and wake up happy as a clam.


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