Just Not My Day

There are days when you wake up full of energy and you just know that you’re going to breeze through that to-do list that’s been giving you guilt trips all week and get all sorts of things accomplished. You feel energised, alive and just all around productive.

Today was not one of those days.

pictured: not one of those days
pictured: not one of those days

To be fair, Monday isn’t exactly my greatest day even at the best of times but today was bad even by Monday standards (and trust me when I say that that ‘standard’ isn’t very high).

Today was the sort of day when I had to change my clothes not once, not twice, but three times thanks to the baby spitting up on me. She wasn’t sick or fussy, apparently she just found it extremely funny to make mommy choose, iron, wear and then change out of several sets of clothing in a day. Or maybe it was just her way of telling me that she really didn’t like my outfit, who knows? Other than making me question my fashion sense (and adding to my pseudo midlife crisis), this clothing-based version of Russian roulette also managed to distract me long enough to make me burn dinner (and next day’s lunch because why cook when there are leftovers?). This of course meant we ended up ordering out which doesn’t do wonders for my on-again-off-again romance with attempted dieting.

Since I really didn’t seem to be getting anything done at home, I thought I’d simply go run some errands, like returning that faulty media player to the store. I couldn’t mess that up, right?


Turns out, that particular store is closed on Memorial Day and I ended up dragging my sorry self all the way there and back for no reason. At this point, I decided I really just needed a pick-me-up and why not stop at the mall and go clothes shopping since I was already out and all. What could possible go wrong with that plan, you ask? Well, if someone can tell me a way to try on clothes with a baby attached to your hip because you forgot the stroller at home, I’d love to hear it. For now, I think I’ll just hide in my closet till Monday is over in case I accidentally set my hair on fire because today is just NOT my day.


My personal bad day aside though, it’s no big revelation that Mondays generally are not anyone’s good day. Whether you work, go to school or are a SAHM, Monday just isn’t a fun day. So how do you beat the Monday blues?


14 thoughts on “Just Not My Day

  1. ah, terrible Mondays suck. I personally like to watch my favorite TV show (normally Game of Thrones or Mad Men). I curl up at home, listen to music and pour myself several cups of tea. It gets better, today’s Tuesday already!


  2. Oh I so sympathise. I took my youngest son shopping with me (I also forgot pushchair) when he was about three. Went into the changing rooms, and he pulled back all the curtains of the cubicles with semi-dressed women inside. Luckily they saw the funny side.


  3. LOL, trying on clothes while *holding* a baby?! Yeah, no – not gonna happen. 😛
    Mondays, hmm…I always feel like I am catching up from what could have/should have been an organized & productive weekend. I go into each weekend feeling very motivated that NEXT WEEK I will have my act together, which rarely EVER turns into the reality. 🙄


    1. I do the same thing! Monday just seems like a good day to ‘start’ being productive or to start a diet or to start something new but all of that is easier said then done >.< when I (again) don't start whatever it was I was supposed to start this Monday, it makes for a dissatisfying day


  4. Oh I am so with you on Mondays!! Good thing I am reading this one on Tuesday and things are looking up. . . well, I should be picking up rather than reading blog posts, but I can always start in a few minutes, right?


    1. That’s probably what I should be doing as well but what to do? Procrastination is just so much more fun! And ‘working on your blog’ gives you that feeling of being productive even when deep inside you know you’re just procrastinating :p


      1. Um, we have an iron. But I don’t think anyone has used it since we moved last August. Probably we could use a tiny bit of OCD in our house! 🙂


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