The Not-So-Glamorous Life of a New Mom

Before I had my baby, I was quite the fashionista what with my painstakingly chosen clothes, matching handbag and shoes and perfectly done hair. Now? Let’s just say my handbag is now a huge baby bag and my shoes rarely match it. Can I possibly sue Hollywood for giving me the wrong idea of what motherhood actually looks like?

Apparently, this is not your average mom
Apparently, this is not your average mom

Apparently, we all can’t be those beautifully turned out young moms with not a wrinkle in their dress and not a hair out of place as they balance their equally beautifully turned out baby in one arm and the latest Prada handbag in the other. Who would have thought Hollywood would lie to us?

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18 thoughts on “The Not-So-Glamorous Life of a New Mom

  1. This is so true and was such a shock for me. I went from a workplace that required nice dress to wearing yoga pants all day with t-shirts that had baby spit up on them. It was a HARD transition!


    1. Time really does fly when you have none to spare. My baby is 5 months and already everyone seems to be breathing down my neck about the extra pounds, like it’s any of their concern :p


      1. Goodness. Don’t pay any attention to them. Sanctimomious busybodies. Or, wait, ask them to babysit while you go out. (And not necessarily to the gym) When things got on top of me, I would leave my four with husband and then drive to the middle of a field and eat a chocolate bar, in silence. Bloody marvellous.

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      2. These famous people also have nannies, personal chefs, personal trainers, stylists, personal shoppers ect Id be skinny and stylish too if I was paid too and had a million people helping me!

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  2. If we could all have the round the clock nanny and housecleaning help of hollywood I’m sure we could manage a little better. 😉 I find the days I do try to make myself look good it seems somewhat pointless. By the time my husband comes home my hair is a hot mess from rolling around on the ground and being pulled by toddlers. My nice shirt finds itself covered in yogurt and peanut butter stains, and I somewhat smell from chasing two toddlers around all day! It is all worth it though and I LOVE your blog!!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I completely understand what you mean about it seeming pointless to dress up at home with a baby. No one sees it till everything is ruined :p


  3. Those Hollywood Mothers aren’t really mothers at all. They hand their kids over to a full time nanny and just take them out sometimes as fashion accessories when they get bored of their miniature chihuahuas.
    My favourite fashion accessory nowadays is baby sick and I wear it with pride – it’s a mark of love and genuine bonding.
    All my horribly expensive designer gear is in the wardrobe waiting till the day I become ancient and withered, so I can fit into it again, and call it “vintage”. And hopefully let my grandchildren puke on it.

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      1. Same here. I never trusted anyone with my little angel. They cut the umbilical cord in hospital but there’s another invisible one that I fear can never be severed.
        My son is 8 now and I still miss him terribly when he goes to his grandmother’s house! Sometimes I even miss him while he’s at school!

        I used to get people telling me I should not cuddle him so much and should not pick him up every single time he cried, and that I should chill out and leave him with a few babysitters. What idiots. I think that’s how you end up with an insecure teenager who doesn’t trust you. I mean, if your baby cries for you and you ignore him, he can’t trust you, can he?


      2. That’s exactly how I feel! People keep telling me I’m ‘spoiling’ my baby by always holding her but what do they expect me to do? Let her cry?


      3. Honestly, we’re right and they’re wrong.
        Babies do not have an understanding of obedience or naughtiness, so by definition there is no such thing as “spoiling” them. They cry because it is normal for babies to be carried around by their mother and thus to feel safe. Humans are social animals and being alone is not the natural way – above all for babies who are completely helpless.

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  4. The superrich can hire an army of nannies, including night nannies, so superstar moms can sleep every full night unlike most normal new mothers. They have insta-childcare whenever they want to take time for themselves, go to the gym, salon, take a bath for an hour, visit friends, go to events, and continue their lives as similarly as possible to life as it was pre-baby. They only have to think about the cute, fun parts of part-time parenting. If they wish, they snap their fingers and somebody else changes the diaper. Nobody recognizes this huge gap in reality. Most new moms do not have millions and millions of dollars and insta-childcare on demand, much less someone to clean their house for them every day, make glamorous perfect elaborate health food for them, manage their papers and business affairs, etc.

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