The Curse of the Facebook Meme

Life nowadays seems to be lived more online than off and what with people spending 80% of their waking hours online (I totally just made up that statistic but you get the idea), it’s no wonder that memes and forwards have become such a big part of modern culture. Where ancient civilisations had art and philosophical debate, we apparently have awkward penguin and grumpy cat. How the mighty have fallen!


I have nothing against memes and Facebook forwards, really I don’t. Hell I myself have hit that ‘share’ button more often than not and I’m pretty sure where I get annoyed by too many pictures of sunrises telling me that I ‘can do it’, my family and friends probably aren’t jumping for joy when I share yet another sarcastic ecard.

Whether it’s inspirational quotes, religious snippets or humorous one-liners, we all like to share what we like on our social networks. Which is fine. What I have a problem with are the memes that like to imply that you are somehow a horrible person if you do not click ‘share’ right now! Dear idiots, telling someone that they are a bad person, that they will die a horrible death or that no one will love them unless they share your Facebook meme isn’t earning you any brownie points.

Don't you just hate that?
Don’t you just hate that?

I get that you want the maximum number of people to like and share the meme you just created Mr. Random-internet-user, but bullying them into doing it is just downright annoying and why would you want to be that annoying ‘friend’ who keeps flooding other peoples timelines with such forwards and chain letters? Is there some sort of reward system related to how many shares you can get that I am unaware of? Is there a Facebook genie perhaps that will grant you 3 wishes if only you can get enough people to ‘like’ your cat picture? Is there some quota of ‘shares’ that you need to fill as part of your job requirement? Or do you honestly believe that clicking ‘like’ on a Facebook picture will somehow cure cancer or end world hunger? If it is that last one, than please seek therapy as soon as possible. Such levels of bubble-headedness can’t possibly lead to anything good.

This does not actually happen people!
This does not actually happen people!

Personally, I get so annoyed by these passive aggressive purveyors of guilt trips that even if I actually like something, I’m not going to share it if it’s explicitly telling me to do so to prove that I don’t hate my mother.

Oh you think I was kidding about that one?

Seriously folks, if your happiness hinges on how many people share your latest meme on Facebook, maybe it’s time you turned off the wifi and got out more. You’ll retain more friends that way, or at least fewer of them will want to hit you over the head with your own laptop.


8 thoughts on “The Curse of the Facebook Meme

  1. YES!! I find some of them abhorrent – the “1like=1prayer/respect” ones, or the ones that are supposedly highlighting issues of animal/child/marital/homophobic abuse.

    And PEOPLE!! Surgeons aren’t being paid by Facebook. They just are not.


    1. Hahaha! So true! I really don’t understand why people still keep sharing and liking such memes! I mean, do they really believe that their clicks will cure cancer or something?


  2. Oh my gosh I am totally gonna share this a thousand times and lay on the guilt trip real heavy. Thanks for the laugh!


    1. Hahaha! You are welcome to do so 😝 I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Now quick, share this otherwise your computer will crash!

      Liked by 1 person

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