Does This App Make Me Look Fat?

So this whole ‘I’m on a diet’ thing is getting old real fast. It’s one thing when you’re just starting out and are motivated and all that, but 3 months down the line and I swear I’ll scream if I see another salad let alone have to eat it! I don’t care what the health gurus, science or common sense says: eating raw veggies for lunch every single day is not normal behaviour.

Don’t even pretend this is an easy choice people!

I have a theory: whoever comes up with these so-called diet plans must be insane. I mean, come on people! What normal person is going to think that its ok to eat nothing but apples and watermelon for 3 days or eat breakfast cereal for dinner? How is this a normal expectation to have of people who are obviously fond of junk food?

I’ve never really been a ‘following a diet plan’ sort of person, partly because I’ve never really needed it and partly because I’m too fond of food to willingly forgo it. After I had my baby though, I realized that there was nothing to do but diet if I ever hoped to go back to a normal weight. After all, the only other alternative is exercise and who has time for that with a screaming baby demanding your attention 24/7? Though to be fair, I did at least attempt to start an exercise routine, ANY exercise routine. I even downloaded this app which offered 7 min workouts (that shows commitment, right?). I figured what the hell, I can take at least 7 mins out of the entire day to exercise, right?


Apparently I’m lazier than I gave myself credit for. So not only did I not even open the app since the day I downloaded it, the thing now keeps sending me alerts that go off like an alarm and state ‘Got 7 mins?’ in a bid to guilt me into exercising. Did it work? Well, let’s just say I’ve contemplated deleting the app instead of opening it long enough to figure out if that darn alarm can be turned off.


Oh well, if dieting won’t work, and exercise is apparently my kryptonite, there is always plan B:

*insert evil laugh here*

12 thoughts on “Does This App Make Me Look Fat?

  1. HAHA, I have this app and I never use it! Eating healthy and exercising are hard habits to stick with. I will say that after years and years of trying to get healthy some of my habits have stuck. I now actually like to work out and Lord knows I never, ever thought I’d say that! #thereishopeformeyet

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    1. Good on you 🙂 I think eating healthy is a life style change, not a crash diet to ‘do’ and discard. And not everyone has the will power to make that change in lifestyle! Doesn’t come naturally to me, I’ll tell you that! But here’s to trying! 🙂


  2. I’m starting to get to the point where I might have to diet and exercise soon before it gets outta hand! But I hate both!! And my husbands a fitness trainer… I think that makes me hate it more. lol. I’ll let him be the pretty one…


    1. If only staying in shape didn’t require diet or exercise, I’d have the perfect body! 😝 oh well, I guess they’re right when they say no pain, no gain. Won’t having a fitness trainer husband make doing exercise easier? I mean he could help you develop the best fitness routine probably! But then again, I guess you really don’t want your husband to be the one telling you that you are not as fit as you used to be 😝


  3. Ha ha! I love your blog!

    I like your diet plan, and in fact I would implement it myself if I were any good at cooking!!!

    Seriously, after you have a baby dieting is a bad idea for so many reasons:
    1) you need to replenish all the lost nutrients, which means no food can be excluded. You get heaps of iron from chocolate, for example, and cheesecake is a nutritionally complete fod containing all the essential vitamins and minerals.
    2) Everyone knows dieting makes you tired and babies do the same, so drop the diet otherwise it’s overkill
    3) Babies destroy your abdominal muscles irreperably so you’ll be tucking your tummy into the waistband of your jeans for the rest of your life anyway, even if you become anorexic. have some comfort food to help you come to terms with this devastating news.


    1. Hahaha! I think I’ve already come to terms with it more or less :p dieting with a newborn in your life is next to impossible!

      I’m glad you like my blog! 🙂


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