Call Me, Maybe

So how can a person tell if they are addicted to their iPhone? I mean, is there a definitive list of symptoms out there somewhere or is it more of a diagnosed-on-a-case-by-case-basis sort of thing? Not that I am addicted, no sir, not me. I’m just.. um.. asking for a friend. Yeah a friend. Let’s call her Tally. Tally… might have addiction issues with her iPhone. or maybe I’m just overreacting. I mean, everyone is ‘addicted’ to their smartphones these days, no? It’s completely normal to reach for your phone first thing in the morning. And I’m sure it’s also not at all abnormal to have the urge to check your phone every single time you wake up during the night to feed the baby to the point that you nearly drop it on the baby’s head when you’re scrolling with one hand and holding her bottle with the other. No? Not normal? What about when you have a mini panic attack when you are downstairs and realise you left your phone in the bedroom upstairs. Or not being able to watch a full movie without checking Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp at least once every 20 mins. No? Only m- I mean Tally? 

Maybe Tally does have a problem. At least she’s not in denial though. When the husband accused her of being addicted to her iPhone, she didn’t even deny it! All she did was immediately reach for her iPhone to tweet about it which is totally, um… totally… damn it.


14 thoughts on “Call Me, Maybe

  1. This is so true of so many of us! You can hardly hold a conversation without someone checking their phone. I gave mine up for 40 days. I haven’t logged back in to social media because I know it is a vortex waiting to happen.


    1. I know, right? Smartphones are an addiction that is way to hard to break. Having everything from FB to twitter to news sites on your phone doesn’t help matters much >.< At this point, I'm surprised there isn't an app for app addiction!


  2. Ohh, dear. Totally me. My two year old came over to me the other day and told me to turn my phone off. It’s just so darn hard to unplug! Don’t they know there’s a world wide web out there that will collapse without my constant supervision??


  3. So true! I see the children I work with always having their phones out – but then their manners are not up to much either!


    1. Phone addiction is a real issue these days to the point that we can’t imagine life before smartphones! For better or for worse, smartphones are an integral part of our lives now.


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