Fun in Non-Fun Places


Dealing with official paperwork isn’t a fun experience, especially where it entails trips to municipal offices where the lines are long, the air conditioning is perpetually on the fritz and that one guy with the hacking cough just has to sit behind you and cough on you every 13 minutes. One Driver’s License please, with a side order of whooping cough to go. 

Never a fun experience, no, which is exactly what I was thinking when I ended up at just such an office a few days ago to get my ID card renewed. So I sat there contemplating that even washing day old milk encrusted burp cloths was more fun than this particular experience, and generally wallowing in self-pity, paying little heed to my surroundings, when I slowly became aware that the incessant whining sound was not faulty lighting but a woman’s voice.

‘What do you mean my paperwork is incomplete?’ she demanded, her voice rising to a high pitched whine. ‘It’s all there! You people just don’t know how to do a simple job! All you do is waste taxpayers money with this insistence on endless paperwork and never managing to get anything done in a single visit and making hard working people like me come again and again and stand in line for hours only to be told to come back later with another form that you suddenly decided I had to fill!’

As the indignant woman paused in her relentless ranting to draw breath, the harassed clerk, who hadn’t been able to get in a word edgewise for at least 15 solid minutes, tried again to explain the problem.

‘Ma’am, I understand your problem but what I’m saying is that your paperwork is incorrect, not incomplete.’

‘How is it incorrect? you have the birth certificate in your hand, what else do you need to issue an ID for my baby?’

‘Um, ma’am, the birth certificate looks alright but it’s obviously not. I have your family information on the screen in front of me and…’

‘What do you mean it’s not ‘alright’?? Are you accusing me of forging the certificate??’

‘Ma’am, let me put it this way: either this birth certificate is incorrect, or you really did have your two kids three months apart, in which case you’re probably an alien and can’t be registered at this particular office.’

Suffice it to say, the ranting woman did not utter another word after that (at least none that were audible) and quietly gathered up her documents and left.

On second thought, this is definitely more entertaining then washing day old burp cloths.



4 thoughts on “Fun in Non-Fun Places

  1. LOL!! I don’t wanna be in this women’s shoes ever…and am definitely gonna think/check twice the next time i decide to rant about government workers not doing their job! This was fun to read – thanks for passing by mine at mommyhotspot 😀


    1. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing then and there 😝 that lady should definitely have checked her documents before trying to pass them off as genuine!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting 🙂


  2. Had a similar experience at my local DMV the other day. It’s a small town, but the office is only open two days each week, so there were a few people waiting. A man there was trying to get a learner’s permit issued for his teenage daughter, but she didn’t have a social security number. He was claiming “religious exemption” from having a social security number. Apparently such a thing exists, because after several phone calls to her supervisor, the clerk allowed the girl to take her written test. It left me wondering for the rest of the week what religion prevents its followers from living a normal life… and your post just reminded me that I never did figure out the answer!


    1. Lol! There are all sorts of people out there with all sorts of issues apparently 😝 I wonder which religious group sites having a social security number as an abomination! Sounds like an interesting idea for a story 😊


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