And the Award Goes To…

And the cupcake goes to…

So the Oscars were on this weekend in case some of you live in caves in the desert and missed that little snippet of information. Hollywood’s bigwigs turned out in all their glitz and glory to give each other awards and those who weren’t invited to the biggest party around, threw their own miniature versions of the same with Oscar viewing parties. Pageantry at its finest and no matter how much we like to belittle it or brush it off, there’s no denying how much we enjoy it!

So there I was, elbows deep in a tub of soapy water trying to get the stink of old milk out of used bibs and reflecting on how glamorous my life had become (not) when it occurred to me that an Oscar viewing party didn’t have to be all big and glitzy with a small nations GDP worth of clothing and jewellery in the room. 

I’m pretty sure that purse alone is worth more than my annual income

Why couldn’t I just have my own personal version of a viewing party just with my husband and me and some nice snacks? I was going to watch the awards anyway right, might as well call it a party and have some fun with it!


If only life was that simple, especially with a 3 month old to contend with. I swear my little one just knows when I want to watch something on TV, or sit in on an interesting discussion with other adults, because she always seems to choose those times to demand milk or a change of diaper or (if she’s just been fed and changed) decides that she just doesn’t want to be put down and will scream the house down if I attempt to dislodge her vicelike grip on my hair. So no, sitting through a full 4 hour program without interruption isn’t a realistic expectation for parents of newborns to have.

I don’t care about the social commentary of ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’! Where’s my bottle?

Was my Oscar viewing ‘party’ fun? Well, I managed to watch about an hour of the program, if that counts. As for the rest, I had to settle for listening to it from the other room as I changed diapers, made bottles, drew a bath, bathed the little one, and rocked her to sleep. Did I mind missing my program? Not in the slightest. Oscars happen every year, the chance to win the Good Mom award? You only get one shot at that one.


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