Why is it That…

Why is it that… 

1) A kid will get dozens of gifts for her birthday but will still be more interested in the one gift someone brought for her baby sister.

2) A baby WILL poop the minute after you’ve changed her diaper, especially if you are running late.

this... this wasn't part of the recipe, was it?
this… this wasn’t part of the recipe, was it?

3) The chefs on TV/youtube/cooking classes make a dish look so easy to make but when you try to replicate it in your kitchen, everything that could go wrong does, and you end up thanking God you at least didn’t burn the house down as well.

4) You might not be the most social of people but the minute you go on a diet, everybody and their long lost aunt want to invite you to their birthday/wedding/celebration and have amazing food that you just can’t say no to.

5) The internet will be working fine all day but the minute you complete your long ass email and press ‘send’, the wifi will inexplicably die and you’ll lose everything you spend the better part of an hour composing.

6) It will always rain the day you decide to wear your expensive new shoes leaving you awkwardly hopping from non-muddy patch to patch when you go out.

oh we’re going to a birthday party today? Of course we are… sigh

7) You will always have your best hair days on the day you have no place to go

8) No one will notice what you put so much time and effort into doing, till you don’t do it.

9) People who are the first to give advice or offer criticism are the last to actually follow it when they are in the same situation


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