Procrastination, List Making and Me

So lately I’ve been getting more and more lax as far as getting projects off the ground is concerned despite all my good intentions to the contrary. Just seems that the more plans I make to get this or that done, the less I actually end up doing. Every evening I draw up a new list of all the things I will definitely start/get done in the morning only to put off doing 99% of those things the next day. What can Ā I say, apparently my super power really is list making with an added Phd in procrastination. Me, I blame all these pretty iPhone apps that are apparently supposed to help you be productive but are actually just stealthy ways of making you even more lazy! Need to get things done? Here, make a pretty little list that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something even when you haven’t! Didn’t manage to do any of the thing you ambitiously listed under ‘today’? No problem, with a simple click you can shift the list to tomorrow or next week or, better yet, ‘someday’ (yes, that is an actual heading in the new list making app I just downloaded. Apparently the app makers just decided to stop even pretending to be making a productivity app and reveal the app as the tool for procrastination that it really is).

At the end of a long and unproductive day though, I like to console myself with the thought that everyone has to grapple with beating procrastination, whether they work in an office or at home, are a housewife or a stay at home mom, and it’s not just me. Even the realisation that you are in fact wasting time and should get of your ass and get stuff done doesn’t help, not unless you have more will power then me in which case did I mention how much I don’t like you? How do you do it? What’s the secret? Whining or venting about it to others doesn’t help either, because they’ll just point out the obvious (i.e. that you need to stop procrastinating if you want to get stuff done) which will only earn them a dirty look at best or a black eye at worst and not really help you along in your battle against procrastination. After all, nobody likes being told that they’re wasting time, especially when they themselves know that they are. So what to do? How to fight this procrastination that seems to be overwhelming me these days? Make more lists? Make lists about making lists? Give up? Hire a full-time personal secretary (who will likely as not end up making my lists for me instead of getting stuff done)?
Of course being pregnant doesn’t help. Gives me a pseudo legitimate reason for procrastinating which really puts a cramp in my attempts to be the perfect housewife. The thing is though that there’s a fine line between ‘not overexerting’ and being downright lazy and it’s not always easy to figure out where that line lies. Sure, don’t go crazy vaccuuming the entire house every single day but that doesnt mean you should stop tidying up altogether. So how do you decide where that line lies? How do you decide what to do today and what to leave for later?
Hmm.. I think what I really need to do is make a list of all the things that are necessary and those that can be left for another day. After that, I can divide everything under ‘overexertion’ and ‘acceptable activity’. And I know the perfect little app to help me do that!

10 thoughts on “Procrastination, List Making and Me

  1. I love this. I struggled with that ‘fine line’ when I was pregnant, also. I lazied myself right into 186 lbs–I could have used some overexertion. I made a sh*t-ton of lists, though.


    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one :p I’m on my way to lazing myself into a hippo but can’t seem to help it. I’ll worry about all that later after the baby is here šŸ™‚


  2. Congrats. I just had my 3rd 9 months ago and he’s a cuddle bucket of happiness. I can’t stop kissing him. Be well and get a massage.


  3. Oh yeah, it took me years of list-making and trial-and-error to figure out what methods worked for me and what didn’t. Recently I signed up for Flylady’s emails and saw a major improvement in my productiveness, maybe because it was someone else making the to-do lists for me. I have sunken back into the land of apathy, though, and am trying to figure out how to confess on my own blog, haha. I’m blaming the weather–winter never does good things for my overall mood.


    1. I would definitely blame the winter. I always find they my productivity sinks to its all time low during the winter months. Though to be fair, real winter only lasts about two months where I live so I don’t even have that excuse for more than a fraction of the year. Though I always find that forcing yourself to be productive and remaining productive are two very different things. Being consistent is very very hard. Good luck with your attempts to beat apathy!


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