The Hobby Rant

Life can get pretty boring pretty fast when you have nothing to do all day while everyone else you know is off being productive at actual jobs. Get a hobby people will say if you tell them that you’re bored. Why don’t you go jump of a cliff I’ll (probably not) say (but I’ll be thinking it the entire time). What am I, 5? I don’t need a ‘hobby’! When you’re used to working and being productive, being told to find a hobby is akin to a condescending pat on the head by an annoying aunt. Even when you do find something to fill your day with, you probably will not want it referred to as a ‘hobby’. For some reason, that one simple little word manages to reduce anything and everything that you are doing to a simple childish pursuit instead of a grown up activity.

So no thank you, I don’t need a hobby to keep me busy. I’ll find something else to occupy my time with but I sure as hell won’t call it a ‘hobby’! And if you want to continue to not be dead, I’d suggest you don’t call it that either.

2 thoughts on “The Hobby Rant

  1. Haha, I had someone ask me why I spend so much time on my blog a while back and then asked was it a “hobby” for me? I don’t know why, but I found that insulting! lol
    It’s something I enjoy, not just something I do to fill time. 😉


    1. I know what you mean! I always feel vaguely insulted when anyone refers to my reading as a ‘hobby’. Books are more than just a hobby for me and I can do without being made to feel like a 5 year old who’s manged to color within the lines :p


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