10 Things My Toddlers Found Boring Today

You know how kids pick up a new word and suddenly they’re using it all the time and it’s completely adorable? And you know how it’s adorable for maybe the first few hours and then it’s maybe not all that adorable? 

Yes, that.

Lilly recently discovered the allure of the word ‘boring’ and for the last week or so, everything and anything has been enthusiastically described as ‘boring’. 

What exactly has she been calling boring? Well here are 10 things she insisted were ‘boring’ just today:

1) The moon

How exactly can the moon be boring? No idea. I suppose it does just sit there without hype or glamour or neon disco lights so it could appear boring to a toddler..

2) My hair

No argument there.

3) Her hair

Now I may be biased here, given as she is my child and all, but I refuse to accept that Lilly’s hair is boring! It is the prettiest little head of hair I’ve ever seen and no one convinces me otherwise. Though of course, I will admit that my hair styling abilities may leave something to be desired.

4) Lunch

Not the particular lunch I served her today mind you, but the very idea of lunch. 

5) The color yellow

I always thought yellow was quite a happy and bright color and therefore not boring, but I suppose I was wrong.

6) Jumping

How can something that was the best thing in the world to do yesterday suddenly be boring today? Because the toddler said so, that’s why.

7) Apples

Ok, so maybe apples aren’t exactly the most exciting fruits out there, I’ll give her that..

8) Curtains

Because they block her view of the ‘boring’ moon.

9) Having to go to the bathroom

Nothing I can do about that one Lilly, sorry

10) Traffic lights

Well, no one likes being stuck at a long red light, but driving would be way more chaotic without them so sorry baby, but we can’t do away with traffic lights no matter how ‘boring’ they may be!

What does your toddler find ‘boring’? What new words have become way too overused in your household these days?

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