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In response to the Weekly Photography Challenge.

Spicy Chicken Curry (Chicken Karahi)

No matter where I go and how many different cuisines I eat, there’s nothing quite like spicy Pakistani/Indian food to satisfy the foodie in me. There are of course a billion and one Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the US that I could go to satisfy my cravings but very very few of them actually deliver the authentic South Asian taste, so when I’m in need of a good Pakistani meal, I cook it myself.

Now my husband and I, like most Pakistanis, like our food spicy but I do understand that not everyone can take the assault on their tastebuds that that kind of┬áspice level delivers. So today I’m sharing a not-so-intense recipe that is spicy without being overwhelmingly so. After all, we want you to enjoy your food, not cause you to pour a gallon of water down your throat in an attempt to placate the volcano that is apparently erupting in your mouth.

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The Night Owl Bloggers

My family, like most normal adults, mistakenly believe that the day ends at midnight. It’s when you put away the late night snacks, brush your teeth and shuffle off to bed in hopes of getting enough rest to get you through another day of work.

Or at least thats how normal people think. For the night owl bloggers though, the day has only just begun. For them, this is the time when you make yourself a cup of soothing tea, pull out the laptop and catch up on all that writing you promised yourself you’ll get done today.

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Who Let Me Adult?

Some days you get everything done and feel like Wonder Woman, while there are other days when you can’t help but ask yourself the more important questions in life…


Dear Misogynists..

Dear Misogynists,

Why hello there, fancy meeting you here. Are you enjoying life in your little bubble of existence? Are you comfy in your insulation of denial? Happy in your ‘factual’ knowledge of the ‘inherent inferiority’ of women? Good good. Far be it for me to burst your heavily fortified bubble but my humble female self would like to offer you just a few guidelines in the art of NOT getting your face smashed by a member of the ‘inferior’ denizens of society:

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Creepy Enough For You?

Here’s the thing: I’m not exactly the bravest person out there. In fact, I’m the sort that’ll happily watch horror movies during the light of day only to fervently regret it in the dark of the night. Funny thing about scary movies, they can make the most mundane things creepy and therefore ruin them forever. After all, we only have horror movies to thank for humanity’s collective fear of dolls, right?

This week’s photography challenge asked us to share something creepy, which honestly can mean just about anything for a scaredy-cat like me, and with a toddler running about I have no shortage of creepy dolls and stuffed monkeys around the place. Which is probably why I chose to go the more cult-classic path of ‘Friday-the-13th-meets-cabin-in-the-wood’ rather than the more obvious ‘creepy-doll-with-glassy-stare’ route. What do you think? What do YOU find creepy?


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